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The Conservative Revolution of 2010

“This morning the British army in Boston…disgracefully quitted all their strongholds in Boston and Charlestown, fled from before the army of the United Colonies, and took refuge on board their ships…The joy of our friends in Boston, on seeing the victorious and gallant troops of their country enter the town almost at the heels of their barbarous oppressors, was inexpressibly great.”

– As reported by an American newspaperman after the first Washington- led, American victory in Boston, 1776.

Just think about what conservatives have accomplished in 2010. Not in my wildest dreams could I have thought that a fiscally conservative candidate could be Massachusetts’ newest senator. Like General Washington’s victory at Dorchester Heights, the war for the future of liberty in America won its first great battle in the Bay State.

Like many of you, I saw the storm clouds gathering for more than a year. The previous administration began an attack on the Constitution and our free-market system through big government conservatism.

President Obama continued the assault on our liberties by putting big government into overdrive. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Gabrielle Giffords supported nationalizing our industries, taking over our health care and strangling us with environmental regulation.

Pundits on every cable news channel are likening this year to 1994; however, they are missing the fundamental difference between that year and this: 1994 was a Republican revolution, 2010 is a conservative revolution.

No sitting congressman or senator is safe this year. Both Republican and Democratic voters are shouting, “This is not about political teams! This is about limited government, fiscal sanity and free-market solutions to our nation’s problems!”

It is fundamentally important for incumbents and challengers to realize that if Republicans are conservatives, they will win. If Republicans are merely tax cutters, but have a record of out-of- control spending, they will lose. If Democrats are conservative, they will win. If Democrats vote with Pelosi, they will lose.

The greatness of the conservative revolution of 2010 lies in its ability to act as a driving force for America far longer than its Republican counterpart 15 years prior. The Republican revolution of
1994 was successful in its onset, but failed to be a lasting movement because it was not completely rooted in conservatism. Identity without ideology is empty, and the longer the Republican Party occupied the seats of power in Congress, the easier it was for them to stagnate and whither from the vine.

In the conservative revolution of 2010, candidates like me see the Republican Party as an organized medium for conservatism. While Republican values are malleable and ill-defined, conservative values are fixed, well reasoned and applicable to everything from political theory to everyday living.

In my race, in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, I am battling against a big-government Republican in the primary and a big- government Democrat in the general. It’s time to open up the Western front in the conservative revolution in 2010.

– Jesse Kelly is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.


  1. Jesse Kelly gets it. As a resident of LD30, I supported Paton in the past but he lost me when he voted for then Gov. Napolitano’s budget and against a school choice voucher program. And now, he won’t even sign the ATR’s no tax pledge that Jesse Kelly has signed. This leaves Kelly as the clear choice for CD8.

  2. Andrew (and everyone else) …

    I don’t see any difference between Jesse Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords other than their political parties. Jesse has questionable integrity … so does Gabrielle Giffords, Jesse is full of talk; however, doesn’t finish what he starts … so did Gabrielle Giffords; Jesse avoids the hard questions, even on his own facebook pages … so does Gabrielle Giffords; and, Gabrielle Giffords does the minimum she can do and still be able to say that she is representing her country … so does Jesse Kelly.

    I really don’t see much difference between the two … other than their political party affilliation. I want someone new, someone who will be different in his/her attitude, philosophy and intellect. I can’t support a man who has lied to his own neighbors and doesn’t have the common sense God gave us! I can’t support a man who quits on the US Marine Corps, college and his own family! I don’t want a liar and a minimalist replacing a liar and minimalist!

    So, in my humble opinion … anyone of the other three candidates is more worthy of my support than Jesse Kelly is!!!

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