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Terry and Jan – It’s complicated

Terry Goddard’s relationship with his possible November rival has ranged from acrimony to peaceful coexistence to something approaching disinterest.

Just two months ago, the two candidates sparred over Brewer’s request that Goddard investigate the so-called “Nebraska Compromise” in the U.S. Senate’s health care bill with a group of state AGs. Brewer followed that spat with a public lashing of Goddard over his stance on the Horne v. Flores bilingual education case, and the AG has taken a few shots across the bow over Brewer’s plans to scale back AHCCCS and other health care programs.

Since then, however, the two have found common ground on military issues – they both spoke at the Friday’s Arizona StandDown 2010 event for homeless veterans, and even issued a joint press release on an agreement to end a battle over home construction near Luke Air Force Base.

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