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Goddard investigating Colorado City

Attorney General Terry Goddard has filed a sweeping records request with Colorado City, and the manager of the town best known for its polygamous residents is accusing the AG of going on a politically inspired witch hunt.

The request was filed in January and asks for communications of Colorado City and Hildale, Utah, officials and law enforcement regarding United Effort Plan trust lands, and a smorgasbord of records on incidents of vandalism, trespassing, and other affronts involving prominent families in the town.

Goddard’s office is keeping mum on the purpose of the request, other than its relation to an ongoing court dispute in Utah over management of UEP land in Hildale and Colorado City. But, his partner in fighting polygamy, Utah AG Mark Shurtleff, has made no secret of his threat to disincorporate Hildale if the lingering fight isn’t settled. Terrill Johnson, mayor of Colorado City, wrote the League of Arizona Cities and Towns this month claiming Goddard has “threatened to disincorporate the town or remove the local government from the control of the people.” The AG’s Office would not comment on the allegation.

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