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Goddard submits 5s, signatures for governor’s race

Attorney General Terry Goddard on March 12 submitted the signatures and $5 contributions needed to qualify as a Clean Elections candidate for the 2010 governor’s race.

Goddard, the lone Democratic candidate in the race, submitted about 8,500 petition signatures and more than 5,300 contributions of $5, according to his campaign. Once the Citizens Clean Elections Commission reviews and approves the submissions, Goddard will receive about $700,000 for his campaign.

The attorney general on March 11 announced that his filing at the Secretary of State’s Office would be part of a campaign event, but he called off the event and campaign staff filed the petitions and contributions the following afternoon. Campaign manager Rodd McLeod said the campaign held off on the event while it pored over paperwork to make sure everything was in order.

Goddard became the second gubernatorial candidate to file the contributions and signatures to qualify as a publicly funded candidate for the 2010 race. Incumbent Republican Gov. Jan Brewer qualified in February.

The Goddard and Brewer campaigns traded barbs following the attorney general’s filing. Brewer’s campaign taking shots at Goddard for not weighing in on the state’s budget crisis and staying quiet about how he will vote on the temporary sales tax increase that will go before voters on May 18. Goddard’s camp shot back at Brewer over her inability to get a balanced budget passed during the past 14 months.

“The news of Goddard’s filing comes during a week that Gov. Jan Brewer and the Republicans in charge struggled to finally pass an FY2010 budget plan that was required back in June 2009 – it was more than eight months overdue,” Goddard’s campaign said in a press release.


  1. Finally, we have a candidate that has real leadership qualities! Goddard is a proven leader and a real public servant. He is a leader that works toward common sense solutions. It will be a daunting task to take over the reins after these crackpots have decimated everything, but Goddard is the ONLY one I can trust to do it! I intend to work hard to elect him, and get our state headed back in the right direction>

  2. Arizona is facing problems that began during the term of Fife Symington when he began his relentless campaign to take Arizona to the bottom by giving tax breaks to the rich and his business pals throughout the boom years. Hull continued his folly even though Arizona has never been considered a “high tax” state. Arizona has always ranked near the middle (much lower in recent years) in its per capita tax burden –in spite of all the “we’re being taxed to death” lies told by Republicans. The Republican ideological fools who control the legislature, and see themselves as “leaders” have always gotten it backwards. Sensible leaders raise taxes in good times and, if needed, lower them in bad times. The Arizona legislature has always done just the opposite and now we wonder why the state is in the toilet? Fools.

  3. Samuel Pearson Goddard III, aka “Terry” Goddard was a ROTTEN Mayor of Phoenix and he’d make AN EVEN WORSE GOVERNOR of Arizona ! … If Terry Goddard is allowed to get his claws on taxpatyer money again, he’ll most assuredly drive the State of Arizona into bankruptcy !

    I go all the way back to 1988 when Terry was Mayor and Phil Gordon, an assistant to Mayor Goddard, Michelle Irwin, and Monica Lee, now Mrs. Terry Goddard, formed a compay to restore old houses and buildings … I think it was called, Phoenix Intergroup Inc … Then they wrote the Historic Preservation proposal and sweet-talked the City Council into putting it on the ballot for a vote of the people, and mounted an all out campaign to sucker Phoenix voters into approving the measure … Which the voters did by a narrow margin …

    To the best of my knowledge, Phoenix Intrtgroup never got any City contracts to rehab any ols buildings, but the Historic Preservation measure contained a clause to putchase of a derelict eyesore known as the “Tovrea Castle” for FIVE MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS ! … That was over 21 years ago and the derelict Tovrea Eyesore just sits there … rotting away !

    Isn’t it cute how Terry And The Pirates work their devious schemes to screw the people ?

  4. It’s puzzling to me for him to say he “loves” Arizona, but when it’s not to his political advantage to give input on the budget, he remains quiet. If he loves it so much, shouldn’t he at least present something?
    I’m not sure who I’m voting for, cuz I’m not crazy about Jan either, but man o’ live, this partisan **** has got to stop!!!

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