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It’s a small world

With Scott Rhodes stepping down as independent investigator of Andrew Thomas, the Arizona Supreme Court could have a hard time finding a suitable alternative. “You got me on who they could replace Scott Rhodes with because the lawyer world is smaller than people think,” said Denise Quinterri, a former Bar attorney who said she’d love to take up the case if she wasn’t conflicted for a reason she said she could not disclose.

The small world Quinterri speaks of is the limited number of attorneys who are well-versed in the nuances of attorney ethics and the disciplinary process. Most attorneys with ethics expertise have served with the Bar (which sought an independent investigator) or work for firms that became involved with the plethora of lawsuits filed against the county by Thomas, Quinterri said. “The lawsuits that Thomas and Arpaio have filed have touched upon most of the firms in this town.”

Other possible attorneys YS sources identified include Nancy Greenlee, Mark Harrison, Mark Rubin, Kent Turley, Harriet Turney, Ralph Adams and Karen Clark. Greenlee, Harrison, Rubin, Adams and Turley said they have not been contacted by the court about handling the ethics investigation of Thomas. Harrison said his vocal support for Thomas challengers Goddard and Nelson would preclude him from participating. “Nobody could reasonably believe I could remain unbiased in an investigation,” said the attorney. Most attorneys contacted by YS said they disagreed that Rhodes, who stepped down due to an appearance of conflict of interest, could not have conducted a fair investigation.

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  1. Phoenix Attorney

    Denise Quinterri has made several public statements criticizing Andrew Thomas. She spoke at a protest downtown against Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio a couple of months ago. It isn’t very ethical of her as a bar ethics expert not to disclose her activism against Thomas if she is going to comment on this.

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