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Diaz’ hearing postponed; 25 subpoenas on the way (access required)

The Arizona Boxing Commission rarely has to deal with dozens of subpoenas and the prospect of 10 hours of witness testimony for a simple licensing hearing. Yet that's exactly the scenario that was laid out by Joe Diaz' attorneys this morning.

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  1. Is boxing any more corrupt than other sports or just worse at keeping it under cover? I don’t know much about this Diaz guy, but if I can make a generalization, when you’re surrounded by shady practices and shady people you likely know what’s going on. Even if he didn’t sign anything himself, I would guess he knew what the deal was. I’m not saying that was the case, but it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the bad and justify your involvement in your mind. Lord knows I’ve worked for companies who didn’t always do the right thing, or the legal thing, but I did and said nothing to protect my job and my interests.

    I guess what I’m saying is, in my experience, completely innocent people rarely get caught up in webs of lies and scandals.

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