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And justice for all – right?

We say it every morning in front of the flag, pledging our allegiance to the United States. We say it and claim we mean it. Everyone was a child once. Everybody, most likely, went to school at a time in their lives. They were all required to recite The Pledge. They all said the line, “and justice for all.”

If you were to look just up in the dictionary, you would read something about fairness. Justice is pretty much that: fairness and equality.

The last time I checked, “all” means everyone. It’s a pretty general word. Saying that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, we can assume we mean everyone in the United States of America.

Well, we never said or recited, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all legal United States citizens.” To me, that means we should treat everybody in the United States fairly and equally and with justice as we pledged, promised, and swore.

If they are illegal citizens, make them legal and treat them like “all,” because they are all. They are people.

Don’t just destroy someone’s life because they don’t have a flimsy piece of paper or plastic. That’s how we treat everyone not born in the United States and those who spent a long time of their lives applying for the paper that controls their lives and never got it.

And justice for all.

-Jessica Duffer is a sixth-grade student at a Phoenix middle school.


  1. This law is another tool that Arizona needs to rid itself of illegals and for us to take back our state.

    Thank you Governor Brewer……

  2. John D. Anderson

    Governor is doing correctly and I agree with her on the illegal law. We have to stop them for coming hear and getting all the freebies.

  3. This delightful young man has a misconception about “justice for all”.
    Where is the justice for Robert Krentze, shot on his own land by an
    illegal? Where is the justice for all the law enforcement personnel
    killed by illegals? Where is the justice for those killed in car accidents
    by those who are here illegally with no drivers license?
    Where is the justice for citizens when the cartels, gangs, drophouses,
    kidnappings, and smugglers affect their lives in a most damaging way?

    Kathryn Kobor

  4. I am the one who wrote this article and i am not a young man. a young woman would be the more appropriate term. i understand that illegals have done illegal acts. now tell me that people who live here legally dont do the same illegal acts. as i understand it, crime is high in phoenix as it is. you are telling me that adding more people of different race to a state of a country nicknamed a melting pot is going to add more crime? I understand one-hundred percent that more equals more. I also understand the words justice for all as i say them every day. I used these words correctly when i said that we aren’t being fair in depriving people of land made for all who need a place to live. I understood very well that most people who apply to come in legally don’t get accepted and that they have hardly any choice but to come illegally to support their families. I also have reason to believe that you are speaking of these illegals being the ones who cause all this damage to other peoples lives when i know it is also legal citizens corrupting our beloved state. I will admit that those others who do add to the crime need to be dealt with but i also understand that our immigration system needs to be dealt with too. That is what i was saying.

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