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Christians should love all people – regardless of nationality

For 10 years, First Christian Church has helped save migrant lives in the desert by working with Humane Borders, and now we are formally launching new ministries of advocacy and service.

We are also renewing other ministries to help save the souls of Arizonans. Through representatives and groups, many in Arizona are considering state sponsored vigilantism, systematic violations of human rights, and mean-spirited laws that are designed to promote racism and punish some of the most vulnerable among us.

The Judeo-Christian faith has thousands of years of history telling us that it is all right to recognize the presence and even the status of persons among us who are different. And in all cases, we are required to love all persons.

The membership of First Christian Church will not rest until some of these principles are renewed elements of public policy. We pledge to work with both civil society and public officials in these efforts.

The congregation will expand its offerings as a site for theological reflections on this, the largest, sustained migration. The congregation has agreed to host a group of 60 chaplains from around the U.S. in a border-education experience in the fall. Working with foreign consulates, First Christian Church will expand services to migrants with special health and family needs. The congregation will continue and expand emphases on hosting border forums, the screening of documentaries, and general, community education.

I am currently participating in unprecedented conversations with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials regarding migrant safety issues and human rights. The congregation’s commitment of my time is directed at influencing future migration policy reform.

First Christian Church has promoted and defended human rights for all for many decades. FCC’s Migrant Ministries date back to the 1950s during the Bracero Program.

Members worked with Community Christian Church in Marana, which was then recognized by the National Council of Churches for its emphasis on migrant workers. Members taught sewing, cooking and other things. Our children and youth played together.

First Christian Church was a sanctuary church during the Central American exodus. It has served as landlord for BorderLinks, a border education program, and the Asylum Program of Southern Arizona, a legal services organization. The church has advocated for comprehensive immigration reform, hosting numerous academic, governmental, and advocacy groups related to migration issues.

-Rev. Robin Hoover, Ph.D., is pastor of First Christian Church in Tucson.


  1. Teresa Santiago

    Yes, we must love one another, but that doesn’t mean that we have to tolerate having our laws disobeyed. It is a far cry from true love to do so.

  2. As a Christian I am not against anyone; however, after having my home broken into by Mexicans on 5 occasions scripture does tell me: “be harmless as a dove but shrewd as a snake.” I do not feel that they are within God’s grace if they have broken immigration laws. All laws in this country come from a foundation of God’s law (The Bible). By coming here, these migrants have pridefully disrespected the law. There are laws in this country similar to in Mexico. Additionally, it is quite prideful of them to protest in our streets when they are not citizens of this country. They are not entitled to protest because they are not even citizens of this country. They are here unlawfully. SB1070 is a good law!

  3. When Mexico affords us the same freedoms and liberties that they demand of the United States……Then maybe ,I will consider their (requests). For the record, This will NEVER Happen!

  4. Theodora Weaver

    While it is very thoughtful of you and your church to show compassion for illegal immigrants, let me say this: Most Christians I know are compassionate and care very much about all people. Most Christians, in my opinion, anyway, also care about their country and well being and their families as well. A student recently at one of the universities in another state with an expired visa, mind you, and therefore here illegally, was I believe arrested for terror training camps which he inititated. Why don’t we just let all of the Iranians (don’t take it personally you Iranians out there), I know there are the good guys and the bad guys, and any other group that desires to enter the United States come here illegally and not ask any questions. If you get stopped by an officer of the law for any reason, you usually have to show some kind of an I.D., don’t you? So, what’s the big deal? There are some parts of the law which need fixing, but as far as coming here, come here legally like everyone else did. This is not about racism, it’s about obeying our laws. When two countries together can’t seem to get their act together as far as the law and crime, yes CRIME, a big, big factor here, then they need their heads examined.

  5. As a Christian, I have love for all people; however, God’s law tells us not to associate or having anything to do with lawbreakers. Do not equate pro SB1070 folks with non-Christian adherence. Read and know the Bible before you write another Guest Opinon. God established the laws. All laws of this country have a foundation from the precepts of the Bible. To disregard the laws and protest in the streets is prideful, arrogant and is a reflection of these peoples’ lawlessness.

    Challengers to SB1070 are full of political rhetoric but are weak in their legal arguments. Additionally, how can they claim that SB1070 will result in racial profiling when the law isn’t in effect yet? Why say the Tv doesn’t work before you turn it on? Get my drift. I find anti-SB1070 challengers to have no sound argument. They are full of emotional pleas but nothing else.

    People that have broken the law should suffer the consequences. Why should lawbreakers be rewarded with amnesty? No way! Praise God that SB1070 is now law! Praise God for Governor Brewer, Legislator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

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