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Guv signs Sunday morning liquor sales, human-animal hybrid ban, ‘sexting’ and dozens more

Gov. Jan Brewer signed more than 60 bills on May 6 and 7, and she continues to hunker down and evaluate measures that the Legislature sent her.

Brewer still had to act on another 60 bills as of May 7.

The 61 measures the governor approved included a bill that prohibits the use of human embryos to create “human-animal hybrids,” and another that bans the purchase or sale of an embryo for any reason other than the treatment or study of infertility.

A bill signed on May 7 makes “sexting” – using electronic devices to send sexually explicit photos – by juveniles a petty offense or misdemeanor. Under preexisting statute, sexting could be charged as a child pornography crime.

Another bill signed by the governor implements a proposal to change the classifications used to show a school’s performance, labeling them with a grade system everyone knows well – A,B,C,D, and F.

Under S1286, “A” means a school or school district is excelling and “F” refers to those that are failing.

She also signed H2143, which would allow alcohol retailers to restock or sell liquor between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Sundays. The bill conforms the Sunday hours to the current hours on weekdays for restocking and selling alcohol.

The same bill continues the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control for five years.
One of the biggest bills signed was S1043, which restores KidsCare, a children’s health insurance program, and undoes a rollback in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the state’s Medicaid program.
S1043 was aimed at preventing the loss of more than $7 billion in federal money for health care, as the landmark federal health care bill passed by Congress prohibited state cuts to those programs.
The governor vetoed a bill that would have exempted Maricopa County from reimbursing the Department of Health Services for the cost of housing and treating sexually violent people next fiscal year.
In her veto letter, Brewer said nearly 60 percent of sexually violent people at the Arizona State Hospital come from Maricopa County. The bill, S1179, would have reduced funding at the hospital by more than $1.7 million annually, she said.

“The lack of sufficient funding for the sexually violent persons unit could potentially lead to a major public safety risk,” Brewer said.

The measure was sponsored by Sen. Linda Gray, a Republican from Glendale. It had received strong support in the Legislature.

Here are some other notable bills that Brewer approved:
• H2080 expands the groups of health professionals that can certify that a pupil has a chronic health problem preventing him or her from attending class for extended periods.
• H2251 transfers the job of maintaining the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum from the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources to the Arizona Historical Society. The Mining and Mineral Museum would be part of the newly named Centennial Museum. Correspondingly, the bill also transfers about $600,000 from the department’s budget in fiscal 2011 to the historical society.

• S1018 prohibits the placement of photo enforcement systems within 600 feet of a speed limit change, except in school zones. The bill also requires a sign stating the speed limit to be placed between the two photo enforcement warning signs already required by law. An amendment to that bill also gives the state Department of Public Safety the authority to not renew its contract with the private vendor that operates the cameras on state highways.

• S1045 terminates the State Compensation Fund, which provides workers compensation insurance, in 2012, and mandates its replacement with a private entity by the beginning of 2013.

• S1056 applies sex offender registration, community notification and Internet sex offender website requirements to people judged guilty, except those who are determined insane, for certain sex offenses.
• S1107 extends the distribution of luxury tax revenues to the Corrections Fund until fiscal year 2015.
• S1349 allows the State Parks Board to enter into an agreement with public or private entities or an Indian tribe to operate state parks. The bill has an emergency clause, which means it took into effect the moment Brewer signed it.
Here’s the full list of bills signed by Brewer on May 6:

H2080; pupils with chronic health problems
H2143; department of liquor licenses; continuation
H2160; tax credit review committee recommendations
H2236; theft by extortion; tax liens
H2251; historical society; transfer; centennial museum
H2503; developmentally disabled; providers; deemed status
H2602; county recorder records; access
H2608; constables; jurisdiction
S1004; retirement systems and plans; amendments
S1043; health care; programs; coverage
S1055; victims’ rights; disclosure of information
S1056; sentencing; guilty except insane
S1062; permissible raffles
S1065; motor vehicle accident reports
S1081; trial court appointments; nonattorney member
S1100; counties; audits; merit system; judges
S1106; removal of vehicles; notice
S1107; corrections fund; luxury tax; extension
S1135; aggravated assault; classification; definition
S1186; course numbering; postsecondary institutions
S1195; state land department; fees; funds
S1206; counties; planning; development; districts; administration
S1207; municipal annexation; county islands
S1212; appropriations; named claimants
S1286; schools; achievement profiles; letter grades
S1315; child care programs; fees
S1349; state parks; management

May 7:

H2034; fuel dispenser stickers; tax information
H2071; life insurance
H2083; drought emergency groundwater transfers
H2165; vehicle emissions testing; onboard diagnostics
H2198; military family relief fund
H2238; sexual offenses; probation; sentencing
H2328; procurement from certain agencies
H2401; teacher loan program; geographic shortages
H2445; mining transaction privilege tax; application
H2471; appointed mental health experts; requirements
H2510; city sales tax; corporate leases
H2521; schools; superintendent contracts; performance pay
H2606; state treasurer; investments
H2616; credit unions; banks; branches; ATMs
H2766; tenant notice; foreclosures
H2767; water quality fees
S1018; photo enforcement procedures; justice courts
S1035; guardian ad item; child; hearings
S1045; state compensation fund; termination; successor
S1076; boxing; mixed martial arts; rules
S1169; secondary employment; corrections employees
S1174; African-American affairs; commission
S1182; psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners
S1188; school district monies; annual estimate
S1238; appropriation; asian citrus psyllid eradication
S1253; fire districts; dissolution process
S1266; juveniles; communication devices; sexual material
S1276; water monitoring assistance program; continuation
S1277; maximum daily load program; continuation
S1287; county treasurer; liens; notices; payments
S1306; human egg providers; protection
S1307; human embryos; treatment
S1359; department of water resources; fund
S1406; procurement; construction; specialized services


  1. Merrick Kotapka

    I am an immigrant…I will vote for Governor Brewer because she signed 1070.


    Until the politicians in Washington, uphold a serious commitment to building the–REAL–fence(s), and not half-hearted attempt in misleading the American public.There will not be any form of immigration reform, if anti-amnesty organizations can stop its course? That first and foremost should be the THE REAL BORDER FENCE(S).That’s plural as two fences? Beyond the gap of a thousand yards a second chain-link fence, used typically in the prison system topped with razor wire for the whole 2000 miles. Tracks between fences for the use of the border patrol and the the ABSENT ARMED NATIONAL GUARD. Instead the politicians who started the construction of the fence lied. They drafted the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill, that specifically eliminated the main funding mandate of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 as a two layer fence. We spend 43 cents in every dollar fighting obscene wars in foreign countries, but the American people remain unprotected. Arizona has been under a relentless attack. Overrun with criminals of every category and uncountable illegal alien swarms. The state like many others are sliding towards bankruptcy because of the liberal doctrine of spreading Federal and state welfare to everybody. The feds hardly ever compensate states for money bled-off by foreign national entitlements as seen in the downward financial spiral of California.

    The real fence can be viewed in San Diego, covering just 50 miles and it has been successful in controlling both illegal immigrants and criminal activity. Our legislators have completely ignored our constitution that states, ” The United States shall protect each of the states from invasion,” according to Article IV, Section 4. THAT IS THE TEXT OF THE US CONSTITUTION. And if 20 to 30 million illegal aliens occupying our soil, doesn’t constitute an invasion–then pray tell me what does?Which instead the morons in the Capitol, have been intimidated by the President South of the border. Remember that those politicians in Washington and state level, along with Governors, Mayors and officials must be driven out of office, beginning with pro-amnesty Sen.Reid in the June primary election. Call your Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand their support of the state of Arizona or see the door in coming elections.

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