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Brewer says new law lit fire under Washington

Gov. Jan Brewer says her signing of Arizona’s tough new law targeting illegal immigration lit a fire under Washington, leading to President Barack Obama’s decision to send National Guard troops to the border.

Brewer on Tuesday issued a statement calling the decision “a very significant and important shift” in the Obama administration’s border and immigration policy.

According to Brewer, signing the law “clearly ignited the talk of action in Washington for the people of Arizona and other border states.”

Brewer adds that she’s pleased that Obama now apparently agrees that the United States must secure the border without other preconditions.

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  1. A recent statement today from Calderon.

    Calderon said that until now Washington had not properly addressed the need to stop what he called the trafficking of weapons and money into Mexico.

    Where is Calderons border patrol in his country to check what is traveling into his country? Since when is the U.S. responsible for what goes into Mexico as well as what comes into the U.S. something stinks when it comes to responsibility Calderon.

    “They have a commitment to uphold the law on the American side and not to use the National Guard for immigration purposes or to deal with immigration issues,” Calderon told a news conference in Ottawa after talks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    Since when does another president from another country dictate what another country does to protect it self from illegals.
    Calderon is a worthless non responsive president that expects others to solve his corrupt country government officials problems. Yesterday the Mayor of Cancun was arrested for doing business with the Cartel ZETA’S.

    “If the National Guard helps toward a common purpose of having a safer border and if they can do this without detaining Mexican migrants, I think this (planned deployment) could bring about positive results,” said Calderon, speaking through an interpreter.

    When is someone in our government going to stand up to Calderon. He is a nobody of consequence and should be more concerned about his own country problems. Calderon mind your own business and the citizens of U.S. will take care of ours and replace our Federal Officials that do not support the will of the people. Obama has seen his first and last term as president.

    Frankly, I can’t wait for the PRI party to take control of Mexico Government again. It will set Mexico back another 50 years and I would enjoy seeing this happen. Ever wonder why Canada with a population of only about 37 million is considered a Industrialized country, when Mexico with about 107 million is still a 3rd world country. If you have ever had a conversation with a Mexican politician or average citizen you would easily understand their way of thinking is the biggest deterrent to their own country growth.

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