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Senator asks Brewer: What’s the plan?

Sen. Sylvia Allen sent a letter to Gov. Jan Brewer on May 26 asking her one overarching question: What’s your plan?

The Republican from Snowflake wants the governor to produce a plan to ensure that the new one-cent sales tax increase will be wiped out in three years, as planned.

“So, I ask you, what is the plan, and who is leading in the implementation of that plan? We told the people of Arizona that the tax would be temporary. It won’t be unless there is a plan,” Allen wrote.

Proposition 100, which passed on May 18, required the sales tax increase to expire after three years, which means it would need another vote of the people or a three-fourths vote by the Legislature to continue beyond June of 2012.

Brewer has said she expects the economy to recover and the state’s budget crisis to be over by the time the sales tax increase expires. She also has outlined broad intentions to work with lawmakers to craft new economic development policy next year, if she is elected this fall.

Allen, though, appears unconvinced that the state will act in time to address the state’s economic needs. She said the state still has a massive budget problem and a lot of debt to repay, neither of which will be resolved by the temporary sales tax increase.

“In three years, we won’t have that money anymore. So how are we then going to compensate for not having that money?” she told the Arizona Capitol Times.

Allen also outlined her frustration with the Republican Party.

Republicans do not work as a team, while the Democrats are “tightly united in the cause of enlarging and increasing government and the entitlement programs.”

All the while, Republicans are going in 20 different directions, she said.


  1. Sylvia needs to get explain her idiotic comments about the earth being 6000 years old before anyone takes her seriously on anything else. Nothing to see here, just another ideological dinosaur desperately seeking attention.

  2. And what about American dream? America is a land of opportunity…..It was built according to this concept! However after a chain of such laws it can be transfered to a military state where citizens are intimidated by the police…
    I just came across the amazing site which highlights the whole situation about Arizona. Guys, you should see the comments – lol! Jump on a bandwagon – voice your opinion at

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