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Anger over Obama’s meeting with Brewer

President Barack Obama’s planned meeting Thursday with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer faces a protest from opponents of Arizona’s new immigration law.

Opponents say the law, which Brewer signed, is discriminatory and say Obama isn’t doing enough on immigration reform.

Brewer is to meet Obama at the White House, and opponents said they will hold a demonstration there to denounce the Republican governor, “the discriminatory Arizona law she signed” and “President Obama’s halfhearted leadership on immigration reform.”

Supporters of an overhaul of U.S. immigration law have accused Obama of not pushing Congress hard enough to pass immigration legislation. Some have said Arizona’s law and tough immigration laws in other states are symptoms of a broken immigration system.

Arizona’s new law, scheduled to take effect July 29, will require police enforcing any other law to examine immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion a person is in the country illegally. It also makes being in the country illegally a state crime.

Obama says the law is the wrong approach to illegal immigration and his administration is combing through it and preparing for a possible legal challenge. Brewer has been soliciting donations from the law’s supporters to defend it.

In an interview Wednesday, Brewer said she hoped she and Obama could agree on solutions to improve border security.

Brewer said she wants to know how Obama’s plan to deploy up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the border with Mexico will affect Arizona and what else he has in mind to tighten border security.

She said she’ll make a pitch for her own proposal calling for more troops on the border, deployment of helicopters and surveillance drones and completion of a border fence.

The White House said it would lay out for Brewer the “unprecedented resources” dedicated over the past 16 months to secure the border.

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  1. Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka

    It’s nice and hot in Washigton DC … Illegal Aliens aren’t covered by the Bill of Rights, but let the illegals demonstrate anyway … From what I’ve seen, they can ALL afford to lose fifty pounds or more !

  2. The main reason big “o” is upset, he was hoping to keep the lid on illegal immigration until after the midterm elections, know the left, is in fact, loosing even a greater number of supporters.

  3. Obama, napolitano, Hillary, an Pelosi will lose 50 pounds or more
    in november 2010 !enough is enough,

  4. Its not only the illegals that can afford to lose 50 lbs. There are many “legals” out there in the same condition

  5. Obama is an open border advocate hiding behind a smile. He’s a one-term president, hopefully. In the meantime, amend/clarify the 14th Amendment so illegals’ children don’t automatically become American citizens. (Yes, boo hoo to you.)

  6. hats off to russell pearce………imagine a politician putting his job on the line FOR WHAT IS RIGHT…………………..PRAY FOR RUSSELL PEARCE AND DRAFT HIM FOR THE PRESIDENCY……….more politicians should follow his lead. i hope the tea party stomps all incombants AS–S, in the fall. maybe there is hope for america yet………….

  7. What a stupid law, but then again, its Arizona

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