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Arpaio sues Maricopa County administrators

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attorneys have filed another lawsuit against county officials, claiming administrators have conflicts of interest that prevent them from choosing lawyers for Arpaio.

Thursday’s legal action came a day after the county Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to ostensibly control legal costs. The board approved a measure to hire a third-party mediator to weigh the legal claims county officials have filed alleging that they were harassed and wrongfully targeted in the course of the sheriff’s various investigations.

So far, nine legal claims totaling $46 million have been filed. The latest suit marks the 13th time since 2008 that Arpaio or former County Attorney Andrew Thomas have taken legal action against administrators, judges or elected officials.

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  1. the MCBoard of Supervisors should leave Sheriff Joe alone! the people of Maricopa County support the Sheriff!

  2. The MCBoard of Supervisors needs to remember they now can be sued by every citizen due to the new law if they are not enforcing immigration laws against illegal immigration, the current AZ law, or if they conspire to prevent enforcement in any way, they may find themselves sued and in tent city for both criminal and civil misdeeds. The mayor of Phoenix and others public officials, need to rethink their positions too! If you have a Sherriff who is repeatedly re-elected, it is the will of the people of the county to keep Joe in office. They will vote him out if they feel he is not doing his job to fight crime and ensure the safety of the citizens in the county.

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