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Pearce wants to file brief in challenge to law

FILE - In this April 19, 2010 file photo, Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, speaks during a vote on SB1070 , a new immigration bill, in Phoenix. Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, scheduled to take effect July 29, 2010, requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they think is in the country illegally. Violators face up to six months in jail and $2,500 in fines. Lawmakers or candidates in as many as 18 states say they want to push similar measures when their legislative sessions start up again in 2011. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, file)

Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, speaks during a vote on SB1070. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, file)

The lawmaker who wrote Arizona’s new immigration law wants to have a say in a legal challenge to the law.

State Sen. Russell Pearce and other supporters of the law asked U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton on Wednesday for permission to file a “friend of the court” brief in a lawsuit by civil rights groups that are seeking to overturn the law.

Pearce was joined in the request by the union representing 17,000 Border Patrol agents and 18 congressmen from states such as California, Colorado, Indiana, Wyoming, Texas and North Carolina.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch also says it planned to make a filing on Pearce’s behalf to become part of a lawsuit that the U.S. Department of Justice filed in a bid to invalidate the law.

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  1. Feel Sorry for Judge Susan Bolton, U.S. District Court, who is hearing the SB 1070 cases. Several nations (e..g. Mexico) & various groups or individuals want to express themselves to the Court and make a formal record of their arguments on legal & factual issues; but, most of them do not have standing (i.e., legal right to participate) in the SB 1020 litigation. Just clogging-up the court’s file with a lot of extra verbiage, which makes it more difficult to get to the case and issues on the merits.

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