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No surprise: Yee named as Quelland replacement

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors quickly confirmed Martin-aide Kimberly Yee to the LD10 House seat vacated by Quelland’s ouster.

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  1. I have just read both articles published in the Capital Times. The Yellow Sheet Report was emailed to me as was the 1st article naming Kimberly Yee as the Candidate from LD10 appointed to replace Doug Quelland.

    Three items I find interesting.
    One is, apparently Henry Grosjean, a candidate must have been contacted for comment as his comment appears in this Article ‘No surprise: Yee named as Quelland replacement.’

    Two is, I have not been contacted by Capital Times for comment, yet I know they have my phone information in order to contact me. They have contacted me for comments immediately after the three of us were selected as the 3 Candidates up for the Appointment.

    Three is, a comment made that neither Henry Grosjean or myself ‘attended’ this meeting this morning, Monday, August 2, 2010 and how ‘strange’ that we didn’t attend.

    The fact is neither one of us were contacted to inform us of this meeting that took place this morning. After digging through the Board of Supervisor’s site this evening, I found an Amended Notice of an Informal Meeting Agenda at 10 am regarding a Presentation on Phoenix Economic Council and the vote on the Appointment to fill the vacancy of the LD10 House of Representative seat.

    Upon leaving my interview Thursday morning, July 29, which was right after Kimberly Yee’s interview, I was asked if I would ‘fax’ them a Resume or Info Sheet on myself to put before the Board for review when they voted. I asked was the Board going to convene as a whole to vote, and I was told ‘yes’. I faxed my information over to Max Wilson’s office Friday afternoon.

    I also find it to be an interesting conflict of information from one article to the next. One article states Max Wilson ‘consulted’ with Gov Brewer and House Speaker Kirk Adams this morning when making this decision and then the ‘Yellow Sheet Report’ states that there was an ‘apparent’ Board of Supervisors meeting that the three of us were to attend.

    To set the record straight, neither Henry Grosjean nor I were invited to attend any such meeting, nor was there ever any indication of any such meeting to take place this morning.

    Both of us are Business Owners, each in our own business for many years. I myself worked in State Gov’t for over 15 yrs in various capacities working with vendors, Office and Bureau Chiefs, and Procurement.

    I’ve been 2nd Vice Chair of LD10 for approximately 10+ years and have served in the capacity as substitute for both Kimberly Yee as Chair of LD10 and the current Chair of LD10 in attending a major portion of Executive Guidance Council meetings.

    I just felt, that after reading the statements made in the Yellow Sheet Report, that the record should be set straight for both Henry and myself.

    The statement ‘Henry GrosJean and Francine Romesburg – didn’t attend the meeting, which Yee said she thought was strange, since she “hadn’t been given any indication prior” to the meeting that she had the nomination wrapped up’ makes us sound like we really weren’t interested, didn’t care, or figured it was in the ‘bag’ for Kimberly. Nothing could be further from the truth. We both were never notified of any meeting taking place this morning.
    Francine L Romesburg
    2nd Vice Chair
    Glendale, Arizona

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