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Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye (access required)

Two recent mailers sent by the Ben Quayle campaign contain some curious images and statements by the 33-year-old lawyer and flush-with-cash candidate in Arizona's crowded 3rd Congressional District primary.


  1. Those girls are Ben’s nieces…and as far as I know, nieces still count as family. Nowhere in any of the mailers does it say that Ben has children.

  2. Tired of Govt telling us what to do

    He’s just trying to buy the election. Last week-4 days in Chicago? Come on now. CA, TX, DC, NYC, Maine, how many places does he go to besides CD 3?

  3. I don’t see a problem. Pols are always pulling kids out for photos. Or dogs, or jeeps, or guns or horses. I’d say the same were it Barry O who was photographed holding a baby and talking about health care for “our kids”. Big whoop. I agree: you def have too much time on your hands! BTW: not from AZ, don’t have a dog in this fight.

  4. But his dad spells ‘potato’ with an ‘e’ and coaxes a kid to do the same and be disqualified from the next round of the spelling bee. Not only is the adding of the ‘e’ wrong unless a ‘s’ goes with it to make it plural, but ‘his little assistance’ was nothing more than cheating, and a leason that cheating is a.o.k. So we expect less from sonny boy?

  5. Oh no … it can’t be, it can’t be!
    Another Quayl(e) running for office.
    Has anyone asked Ben Quayl(e) if he can spell “potato”? I’m sure that came up on the campaign trail.
    Oh how I remember his dad’s “reign of error” 20 years ago. It was a laugh a minute – the political version of the Three Stooges. That said, I never cast aspersions against the former Veep; indeed, I rather liked him. He was a decent man, just way in over his head. He probably should have remained a Senator from Indiana; he seemed to do very well representing his fellow Hoosiers in the seventies and eighties. Why GHWB picked him to be his running mate on that political “day of infamy” – Aug. 16, 1988 – is totally beyond me.
    So obviously, the big question is, will Ben follow (stumble?) in his father’s footsteps? Maybe. Heck, we could use some more laughs – in a good-natured way, of course. Politics has gotten awfully glum, even apocalyptic, recently. We seem to think the end of the world is right around the corner (remember Y2K?). But it’s not.
    Perhaps Ben Quayl(e) can lighten things up a bit and make us all feel a little bit better. The “tot controversy” seems a good place to start.

  6. Typical Republican, bet he’s no brighter than his father.

  7. People turning up the heat on Ben Quayle. This might be his potatoe moment: http://bit.ly/bjEt1q

  8. I actually know Ben, and yes, indeed, those children are his nieces. He’s a good guy. I don’t think it was meant to be deceptive.

  9. @Courtney

    Exactly, I know Ben and she is correct. He’s a good guy, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t think it was meant to be deceptive.

  10. In addition, his tv ad claims “international experience.”

  11. Hey is just doing what every other politician does. Of course liberals will try to attack him, because that is all they have. Their criticsm isn’t based on the issues, or even facts, just hyped up claims about what his intentions are in a campaign ad. Are you serious, is this what liberals have reduced themselves to? I shouldn’t be surprised given their recent track record.

    Oh, and did anyone else notice that Michelle Obama is taking ANOTHER vacation. Didn’t they just get back from the Cape? Wonder why the Obama’s like to use tax payer money for all these vacations? Why dont they do what all other Americans are forced to due because of Obama’s economic policies and try a stay-cation!! Just typical liberal waste and fraud!

  12. This is an atrocity. A decent man with decent values (family or no family) is being maligned by the liberal media, his opponents, and others with an agenda. We need principled leadership in Washington … a leader who is not afraid to articulate his views and tell us where he stands much like Republican icons of the past: Presidents Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush. Ben Quayle is cut from the same cloth and is headed in the same direction. Also, is there any person whose father has never misspelled a word in their life ever … more importantly, why is that an issue in the first place?

  13. Not sure what is more pathetic here. 1) That you guys are still attacking Dan Quayle for a spelling mistake that happened 18 years ago (seriously with the current crop of politicians we’re dealing with, the best you can do is go after Quayle for reading an extra “e” from the card he was handed), or 2) That you are seriously trying to say that because his dad misspelled one word 18 years ago, that would somehow impact on Ben’s ability to serve in the Congress. (And no, I have no horse in the race. I don’t live in CD-3.)

    You people are brilliant!

  14. Wow, talk about a NON-ISSUE—seriously, I got an email about this and then opened this link with interest! Are you kidding me?

    I guess Ben must really be a great candidate or a real threat to the others if THIS is all they have to try to throw him under. And on top of all that, the story is going national? Seriously, is that a joke?

    When the media tries to tear someone down so viciously, (and with nothing substantive behind the story), you know the candidate must be good.

  15. Seems to me like this isn’t the first mailer Ben could get into trouble with. This mail piece here: http://yfrog.com/f/euquayletreasurymailerj/ contains the US Treasury Department logo, which I think is against the law: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/18/701.shtml

  16. It takes more character on Ben’s part to run for office knowing the attempt of the “liberal news media” and ignorant people who treated Ben’s father with contempt and anyone else who believes in the greatness of America. Instead of encouraging young people like Ben without listening to them, America is creating a hostile environment for patriots while being silent about the condemnation by the president of Mexico and the holder of the presidency of America to condemn and minimize our GREATNESS. We get the government we deserve because of our own lazy uniformed mindset Shame on us!!!

  17. There are so many misleading angles to the Quayle campaign. None of his signs say his first name so no one is really sure which Quayle is running in the election. His web site never tells you the events he will be attending. The local newspaper ran information submitted by the candidates and 9 out of 10 responded. Ben Quayle did not respond to the request by the Arizona Republic, the major paper in our market. Ben Quayle had just recently moved to Arizona after living on both coast and has had little if any participation in Arizona’s past election. From what I have seen, he is the least qualified candidate running for this office. Ben is trying to buy the election with family name and money.

  18. I find it amusing that a couple of the commenters on this page remark about the “potato” incident in discussing Ben Quayle’s use of two young girls — not his own — in a picture of the candidate used in his campaign literature. If the writers are interested, which I doubt, the spelling bee incident came about because the teacher of the elementary class provided Dan Quayle with cards on which the “correct spelling of the words used in the spelling bee appeared”, unfortunately for Dan, the spelling of potato was spelled potatoes — which is the plural of potato, for those who are not familiar with “the spelling of the word potato” incident. I’m sure that most of the Democrats at that time realized what had taken place, but just couldn’t keep from uttering remarks that Dan — who has a doctorate of law degree — was so dumb that he couldn’t spell potato correctly. This smart aleck evaluation fell right in with the other so-called “clever remarks” that the Democratic Party hatchet brigades used to help neuter Quayle’s cool charm, movie star good looks and political experience by comparing the handsome vice president to a “bimbo blonde”.

  19. Ummm.
    Marbie/Daniel Weir…

    Have you been listening to the Orator in Chief? The One who requires a teleprompter at a news conference because of his knack for stumbling through any statement requiring a solid foundational position?
    And how about his brainy sidekick who seems to have put his foot in his mouth so many times they should start making his shoes out of fruit roll-ups?
    You guys have no credibility.
    Have a little intellectual honesty and look to see if you’re standing in a glass house before throwing any stones.

  20. The president and vice president have had way too many “potato moments” to count. Probably Ben Quayle knows how many states make up the USA. Apparently, the Quayles are planning on having children and planning on raising them there.
    Drug cartels and invasion from the southern borders are a tad more serious then trying to decide what Ben Quayle REALLY meant. Get a grip! Maybe the lack of the federal government caring about keeping the United States safe and secure (which is one of a few of their REAL jobs) isn’t really political and for votes, but a “potato moment!” (We wish!)

  21. Dan Quayle knew how to spell potato. But he was trying not to embarass the teacher who had misspelled the word on a note card.

  22. Erick, I am surprised at you. I read you every day and appreciate (almost, apparently) everything you write, but this is petty and much ado about nothing. Go after the bad guys. This is nothing.

  23. I can have a whole lot more trust in a lying politician than a politician who manages to lie while technically still telling the truth.

  24. Have you seen the missus? She’s some tomatoe.

  25. Hey, guys, did your dad ever make a mistake? Have you had to live with it all your life? Why should Dan Quayle making a spelling mistake have anything to do with Ben Quayle running for office? When Sasha Obama runs for office, will you still be laughing at her dad talking about the 57 states? Give a guy a break.

  26. Don’t suppose any of you remember all the “gaffes” made by our current President and Vice President? Barry mentioned campaigning in 57 states with needing to go to only 2 more, while Joe asked a wheelchair man to stand up to be recognized! Politicians are human and make mistakes, just don’t create a higher standard of expectation for one party over another!


  27. party affilation has nothing to do with it,, both sides lie like the devil just to get in.. no matter if it kids,open goverment,cut taxes. they all lie.. the sad part,is they all are backed buy BIG money.

  28. @Sid
    REALLY? You claim that Reagan, GWHB, GWB and Quayle are great politicians? What rock have you been living under? Because of the tax cuts to the rich, this country is in the worst shape since the Depression. While I don’t agree to the government bailouts of Obama (although Bush handed out quite a huge handful himself to the BIG banks)I think that cutting taxes to those that hoard their money is an ineffective way to stimulate business. The only reason we got out of the Depression was due to the, larger than even now, govenment spending and tax increases of the wealthiest Americans. I bet you are one of the idiots that believe Reagan should be on one of our monetary bills…the man that could have slowed down AIDS but did nothing. Due to his ignorance, I have lost two cousins and many dear friends. How dare you rand any of these idiots as GREAT!!!

  29. @Tired of Govt telling us what to do
    Actually I would expect and hope that a candidate running for a US HOUSE seat WOULD and SHOULD have contacts and connections around the country. And so should all Americans. As a US House member, while he will be working for his neighbors, family and friends in Arizona, he will also be shaping the rest of the country with his vote. He is not running for a seat at the state level, but he will be working with the folks in the federal government. In todays world, where federal government can play such a huge part of our lives, I would expect him to use those connections and friendships to work FOR his state better then a candidate who can not bring the same level of game to the table. QUAYLE FOR CONGRESS!

  30. @mr.ed
    Your “kind question/remark” about Bens wife is totally stupid.

  31. Nice VERY nice work.. too bad Mr Q. could not borrowed your daughters for the photshoot and could have socked the $$$ away for their college funds.. Good work uncovering this

  32. His views are almost uniformly awful. Standing up for AZ’s racist immigration law? Check. Lowering taxes even more – without cutting any real spending (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Defense,) so the debt can explode again like it did under Bush? Check. Keeping the working poor from getting insurance? Check. Taking a belligerent neocon attitude towards the rest of the world, a la Bush? Check. Totally cavalier about climate change and the environment? Check. Refusing to regulate energy & finance after the massive oil and banking disasters? Check. Anti-gay rights? Check.

    It’s almost comical how awful this guy’s views are. What’s not comical is that he has a shot to win…

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