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Quayle mailers not actually what meets the eye (access required)

Two recent mailers sent by the Ben Quayle campaign contain some curious images and statements by the 33-year-old lawyer and flush-with-cash candidate in Arizona's crowded 3rd Congressional District primary.


  1. @Courtney
    he’s clearly got a problem with the truth, like most right wingers. lies deception, misrepresentation. nothing new. Already caught lying about writing weird sexual sleazy stuff for some scottsdale singles magazine under an alias. Liar. Sleazebag. What more needs to be said? Oh yeah, son of Dan Quayle. LOL.

  2. A ‘Traditional Values’ Candidate, huh?

    So, I’m certain he abstained form premarital sex before he became betrothed at 33?

    Of course,I’m sure he didn’t, and that is not a requirement for office, however, I wish candidates would be prepared to answer these types of questions publicly when they throw around the ‘Traditional vales’ label!

    (PS of course, I’m certain that if he was sexually active, he did not use any form of birth control!)

  3. Just checked out some of his conservative views in his postings at “Dirty Scottsdale” ( now theDirty.com). Just do a search for “Brock Lessner” (his pen name) and you can see his views on women……..

  4. Dan Quayle was chosen to run with Bush because some male strategist thought women would find him good looking and would swoon into the voting booth to vote Republican. This last go around Palin was picked to con women into voting against their interests because she’s female. Hey republican strategists have you tried this trick to win over women. Put a reasonable person on the ticket. Stop trying to legislate morals. Try to be fiscally savvy.

    When these nimrod vp picks are pulled from obscurity to fool women it’s like a biological weapon has been released. It backfires but the spawn ends up doing damage a generation later. Wait 20 years and will have Bristol smart mouth Palin thowing her hat in the ring.

  5. Give this guy a break…he did nothing wrong and stop trying to make
    a scandal out of it. How about trying to clean up the White House that is
    a more important stack in this Country!! God Bless America and All Our Troops Fighting for the USA!!

  6. Quayle was trying to mislead the public, but I really do not see how having two young girls in a photo with a male candidate speaks to “family values.” The Republicans need to let it go. They do not have the patent on family values, religion or traditional values.

  7. @Courtney
    Get a clue you don’t raise you nieces you raise your own children. Its a balatant misrepresentation.

  8. Use the mailers as an issue to distract all you want, but the fact remains that he is the candidate that cares about stopping the influx of illegals and keeping taxes low.

    Maybe there shouldn’t be so many unemployeed people and illegals (liberals) on this blog.

    Grow up and take some responsibility for you actions (or lack thereof)

  9. Another one of those phony-*** Republicans…

  10. Marbie….
    Quote: Not only is the adding of the ‘e’ wrong unless a ’s’ goes with it to make it plural, but ‘his little assistance’

    Learn how to write properly before you criticize…
    …..adding of the ‘e’ wrong a ‘s’ goes with….
    NO DEAR, IT IS “AN” ‘s’, NOT “A” ‘s’.

  11. Marbie…….
    YOU DID IT AGAIN………. was nothing more than cheating, and a leason that cheating is a.o.k. So we expect less from sonny boy?
    …..and a leason that cheating…….
    NO NO DEAR, LESSON IS NOT SPELLED WITH AN “A”. Hummmm? Where did Marbie go to school?

  12. quit being naive, we both know no one will read this, they will simply put their comments on top as i have. secondly, his add had no mention of those children being his, he merely said that he was going to raise his family there. the fact that he was playing with kids showed that he knew people that had families being raised there or it was such a good place to raise families that he randomly plays with kids in the street because they have no reason to fear strangers. democrats, quit taking shots and start licking your wounds, because y’all got an *** kicking coming.

  13. Here we go again. A freaking son of a politician trying to make a name for himself by jumping on the illegal immigration wagon to get to Congress, make over six figures in salary (paid by taxpayer), and forgets about the whole thing once in office just like others as him who are in office right now. I am not a D or R or L or C because all politicians are alike. What happens to the “for the people, to the people” it is very much “me, myself, and I”.

  14. Just think about it. he started out by having misleading information in his campaign, what else is he going to misleading us on. I do not questions the man’s integrity or values but it is too early in the game to put all your chips on one candidate that the only thing going for him is the his father was the VP.

  15. The photo is just fine…who cares, it is politics. What the real issue is here is that I feel sorry for the two girls! If they were older, they would know more about the genetic brain dysfunction in their uncle and his dad. I am sure the girls will get over it and live great lives, not too sure that I can say the same for Ben. His best bet for a job is to stay out of politics, and not be in a fast paced career like at a Burger place. Maybe, there is a shortage of custodians somewhere in the county and he can clean up everybody’s ****…he must be use to it already from his family!

  16. this is an outrage and discussing! Who does he think he’s fooling!

  17. Sorry to burst your bubble, but when I started school in the 50s, the “e” on potato and tomato were options. Not in use these days, but it used to be.

  18. the whole ad is misleading… he’s a fool!

  19. Its what they all learned from Rony raygun,image is everything,facts and content mean nothing.

  20. @Daniel Weir
    Bush picked Quayle because it was the safest way for Bush not to get impeached…no one could imagine anyone as dumb as Quayle to step in for the presidency.

    I think Quayle should run with Cheney…perhaps Cheney would accidentally shoot the the wrong quail when out hunting.

  21. @San Mateo

    Bush Spent 487 Days At Camp David, 490 Days At Texas Ranch. That must have made you sick.

  22. Ben Quayle buys a home 12/2009 in Phoenix Arizona for $825,000 only a couple years out of college, and with just a $413,000 note.
    Ben Quayle started a business Tynwald Capital 08/2007 where he “buys” other small business’. His first is APG security. I’m not saying I have any proof, but it would be prudent to check out where Ben got all this
    money from. Is he just a Trust Fund baby? Is he using
    Tynwald Capital as a shell company to hide campaign contributions,
    and or money from his father?

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  27. I just don’t understand where you come of and say the things that you say, you’re clearly in the wrong here, or is this a old post and have you chanced your point of view on this? check out Google and see if you’re right, you’ll be in for a shock

  28. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Could you tell me why your blog is breaking up in Chrome? in FF and IE it looks fine but in Chrome is all seem to break up.

  30. Most of the comments on this page don’t make sense.

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