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Rotellini proposes 3 debates in AG’s race

Democrat Felecia Rotellini has challenged Republican Tom Horne to three debates in the race to become Arizona’s next attorney general.

Rotellini proposed a debate on border security in Yuma, a second debate on elder abuse in Sun City and a third on consumer and mortgage fraud in Phoenix.

Horne says he would agree to three debates, but he wasn’t sure about the topics proposed by his opponent.

He says he suspects he and Rotellini hold similar views on confronting elder abuse.

Instead, Horne says all three debates ought to be about border security, because that’s the issue on voters’ minds today.

No specific dates for the debates have yet been proposed.

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  1. By claiming all three debates should be about border security, Horne shows he doesn’t understand what the AG’s office does. While there is a place in the office to prosecute border security related crimes, that’s not all the AG does.

    At least Rotellini shows she has real knowledge about the breath of issues the AG must act on. It sounds to me like she’s willing to do the job, the whole job and nothing but the job. Horne is just trying to be Andy Thomas lite.

  2. This is standard operating procedure for Tom Horne. He’s chosen to be a demogogue and adjust his views to suit the prevailing wind. Who knows what he really believes. Do we want to risk finding out who he really is after he becomes AG. Instead, let’s just elect someone with a proven record of prosecution, not political gamesmanship.

  3. Jamie, you hit the nail right on the head. There’s only one serious candidate for AG here, and it’s Felecia.

  4. Tom Horne received a lifetime ban from the SEC for wrongdoing, which shows he has no integrity. Tom Horne also has received 7 speeding tickets during his time as SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION which shows he has no respect for the law. This is the wrong person to protect Arizona as Attorney General. I am supporting Felecia Rotellini for Arizona Attorney General.

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