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Capitol Quotes: Sept. 3, 2010

“The results were inconclusive.” — Rep. John McComish, when asked how the Aug. 24 Senate primary results impacted the race for Senate president.

“I probably have the votes at this point… and I only get stronger in the general (election).” — Sen. Russell Pearce, a Republican from Mesa who is one of four senators eyeing the Senate presidency.

“In Arizona it’s sort of a perfect storm.” — Pollster Bruce Merrill on Democratic candidates in Arizona trying to overcome a nationwide anti-Democrat climate, a Republican voter registration advantage and the furor over SB1070.

“We’re confident that once voters see the candidates side by side, things will change.” — Terry Goddard spokeswoman Janey Pearl on Jan Brewer’s consistent double-digit leads over Goddard in the polls.

“Oh my God, what a rollercoaster.” — Rep. Carl Seel, commenting on his razor-thin lead over David Fitzgerald in the GOP House race in Legislative District 6. As of Aug. 31, Seel was ahead by 37 votes.

“It’s like Matt Jette saying he wants to debate us eight times.” — Gov. Brewer’s adviser Chuck Coughlin on Terry Goddard’s request for six more debates.

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  1. Terry Goddard thinks being Governor is his “Birth Right” because his father Sam Goddard was Governor of Arizona for ONE TERM in the 1960s … This is Goddard’s THIRD TRY at getting elected to the Governor’s chair ! … You’d think that anyone with half a brain woulg have realized that THE PEOPLE OF ARIAONA DON’T WANT TERRY GODDARD AS THEIR GOVERNOR after the second try … Just HOW STUPID is this dimwit Terry Goddard ?

    I am Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka
    Formerly of Praha (Prague) Czech Republik
    NOW 100% US Citizen from Phoenix Arizona USA

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