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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 19, 2010

“If he takes a tone that I’m going to exercise my rights and authority here and see how long I can push this, I think we could have conflict within 30 days.” — Outgoing Rep. Bill Konopnicki, on Senate President-elect Russell Pearce.

“When that bill comes up, if she votes against it, what are they going to be calling her on Fox News to talk about?” — Sen. Ron Gould, on why he believes Gov. Jan Brewer will sign Sen. Russell Pearce’s birthright-citizenship legislation.

“I was a Democrat before 2004. I was a hate-the-Republicans, go-Bill-Clinton, bleeding-heart Democrat.”
— Arizona Republican Party First Vice Chairman Augustus Shaw IV, explaining his former political views.

‘I don’t plan to fade away.’ — Pinnacle West lobbyist Marty Shultz, who announced plans to retire.

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  1. What a strange question – economy or citizenship. Is it true that legislators can only think about one thing at a time?

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