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Federal government trying to ‘scare’ states from following AZ’s actions

First and foremost I’d like to tell you that the state of Arizona has my complete support. I know I’m only one person, but I think you should know that there are millions of other Americans that feel exactly like I do. As a matter of fact the majority of Americans feel as I do. I think it’s great that Arizona has the courage to do what most other states would like to, but lack the courage.

I feel there are three main reasons why the federal government is trying to “crack down” on Arizona.

First, I think the feds know that they are going against what the majority of Americans want, which is exactly the opposite of what a Democratic-style government is supposed to do. I guess what I’m trying to say is this is the first reason is they’re trying to discourage other states, or shall we say “scare” other states, from following Arizona’s actions.

The second reason is they are embarrassed because Arizona is managing to accomplish what they couldn’t, so they’re lashing out.

The third reason is because the Democratic Party wants voters. And it’s obvious that they don’t care how they manage to obtain them, even if it’s illegal. Allowing illegal immigrants, who criminally enter our country to stay, is a crime in my eyes as well as the law’s.

Growing up I was taught that here in the United States the government was basically designed to be the voice of its people, as well as do the bidding of its people. What happened to the old saying, “For the People, by the People”? Isn’t that what our revolutionary fathers fought and died for?

What will it take to get our country back in line and to get it running the way it should be ran?

The federal government is quick to jump all over Arizona for attempting to correct the illegal immigration problem. Yet they offer no solution of their own. I wish Arizona luck in its court battles over illegal immigration, and I hope that our federal government quickly realizes the repercussions its mistakes are having and will have on us.

— Ryan D. Bennett, Hopewell, Va.

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  1. Apparently, what it will take to get our country back in line, is another Civil war. It is more than obvious that our government has absolutely no interest in the will of the people or what is best for our country, and violence seems to be the only thing that gets anyone’s attention. It may not be an armed war as such, but a war just the same. A good case in point of our country’s skewed priorities ,is the recent revelation that America has troops in Guatemala helping that country protect it’s borders from Mexican drug cartels, while at the same time, refusing to adequately protect our own borders. Am I the only one who find’s this totally obscene?

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