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Brewer: Hospital tax proposal may not be enough

Gov. Jan Brewer (File Photo)

Gov. Jan Brewer (File Photo)

Gov. Jan Brewer says she’s doesn’t think a tax proposal reportedly being advanced by the state hospital association would raise enough money to close a budget shortfall that has her and lawmakers pursuing a big cut in Medicaid enrollment.

Spokeswoman Kristin Davis for the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association confirms that the group is working on a financing proposal but says declines to provide any specifics before the group presents it to the governor and lawmakers. However, the Arizona Guardian reports the proposal centers on a new “provider tax” on hospitals to forestall a Medicaid eligibility cut.

Brewer said Monday she hasn’t been presented with the proposal but has heard enough about it to suspect it wouldn’t do enough to solve the state’s fiscal jam caused by Medicaid expenses.

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