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Gray announces run for Flake’s House seat

Former Arizona Sen. Chuck Gray. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Former Arizona Sen. Chuck Gray. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Another domino from Sen. Jon Kyl’s retirement announcement last week fell Feb. 17, as former state Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray announced he is running for Congress to replace Jeff Flake, who on Feb. 14 said he is entering the Senate race.

In a Capitol press conference, Gray said he has always “felt a deep responsibility” to participate in public service and “make America great.” During his eight years in the Legislature — the first three in the House, the final six in the Senate — Gray said he made it his goal to protect and fight for the liberty the nation’s founding fathers envisioned when they drafted the Constitution.

If elected to Congress, Gray said he will fight for policies that enhance freedom, improve the economy and make the U.S.-Mexico border more secure.

“The issues that are important to Arizonans are important to me,” he said.

Political observers expect Gray to be the first of many Republicans to enter the race to replace Flake. Others considering a bid include political heavyweights House Speaker Kirk Adams and Senate President Russell Pearce.

Gray, though, said he was undaunted at the prospect of facing former Republican colleagues in the election.

“I’ve had great response from those that I’ve contacted so far, and I expect that response to continue,” he said.


  1. Beth Kinser Hallgren

    Matt Salmon endorsed McCain when TEA Party members and Truely Conservative, Republicans knew McCain was not really for protecting Arizona and America’s borders, jobs, and economy. Was he more interested in “the machine” than Arizona citizens and honest immigrants?

    Many pro-life Republicans, also knew/know John McCain is not really Pro-Life. Salmon should have known those details and acted accordingly.

    Former state Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray is a true Conservative who championed and persevered for Parental Rights legislation when he didn’t even yet, have the backing of CAP. Chuck Gray is an Arizona champion.

    Vote for Chuck Gray for U.S. Congress!

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