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Arizona Senate approves state militia bill



A bill approved by the Arizona Senate would broaden the governor’s power to form a state military force other than the National Guard.

State law already allows governors to establish “an armed force” if the National Guard is activated for federal service.

The bill approved Tuesday and sent to the House on a 21-9 vote would let the governor establish the new force “for any reason the governor considers to be necessary.”

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  1. where do I sign up? no, really! Where do I sign?

  2. oh, for pete’s sake! who is the bigger fool: robert essman who wants to run around toting gun or those who would allow a whole buch of wanna be to do so?

  3. Not that I am against this concept, but where will Arizona get the money necessary to fund such a force ? This state has a “militia” of sorts, they are known as POLICE OFFICERS that work for AZ DPS. Those brave officers have the backing of them many brothers and sisters in all AZ law enforcement agencies.
    Now if Gov. Brewer is really serious, I have 28 years of military service (Air Force Retired) of which the last 12 were in Recruiting. if she needs a good Senior Recruiter, I am available to run the program for her. I would like my military rank restored, as I can certainly use the $6,000 plus salary per month.
    Just a thought ………….

  4. I can’t believe what I am reading. Are we preparing to seceed from the union and before a separate State, or even a Separate country?? I didn’t move here to live in a military State. This violates everything I have ever believed in. Who is behind Gov. Brewer, as she is not smart enough to come up with something like this. Where is the money coming from to back her, or to pay her off? This is so incredible. Is this even legal?? The politicians for the GOP TALIBAN have really gone overboard, and not just in this State. The GOP is digging a big hole for themselves as we are keeping notes on every GOP crackpot. We will remember come next elections. And I have a great memory. THE KAT.

  5. Jack of all trades

    This follows the sovereignty bill passed last year, the bill authorizing the unilateral seizure of federal property (meaning military bases,) the nullification bill (which failed but may come back up) and various challenges to the U.S. Constitution.

    Let’s call it what it is– preparation for secession. Those who back these kinds of bills are traitors to the United States of America and deserve to hang on the end of a rope.

  6. The purpose of this bill is to grab Washington DC attention.

  7. those of you against this are either here illegally or are blind to what is happening in this country. We are being over run by drug smugglers, human smugglers and people who blatantly thumb their nose at our laws. and instead of embracing our way of life and appreciating their oppurtunity to live here, they bleed our system dry and try to change our country to be like the country they are desperately trying to get away from! All this “free” assistance is not free! The citizens of this country are paying their bills. The reason you have all these freedoms that you enjoy, are because of brave soldiers who fight for this. However, if you disagree (freedom of expression) you are free to move to another country.(freedom of choice)

  8. I stated before some people have their heads in the sand, I find some still do.
    No I don’t want to live in a military state,but if we do nothing we will become a forth world country. The United Nations wants to disarme this country. Read adjenda 21 see for yourself. No one wants to live is a dictatorship either.
    Seek knowledge before you make a decision,than act upon it, ndon’t waist time
    do it now.

  9. Militias existed before the US Constitution, and still do. The state doesn’t have to come up with any additional funds, because the “Unorganized Militia” is essentially a volunteer force, and is expected to supply its own gear, including arms and ammunition. The State may choose to supply and/or train the volunteer militia, but this is not necessary.

    It’s a return to the way this country was founded, not a preliminary to secession.

    The US Constitution recognizes Militias, of course, giving that as one reason for also recognizing the essential right of the People to keep and bear arms. The Police are NOT the Militia (not the Unorganized Militia, anyway, though a case could be made that they are a component of the Organized Militia, which these days is generally considered to be the National Guard).

    Some people really should learn their country’s history.

  10. I live close enough to the boarder and would like to help
    craig waton

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