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Students to erect mock border wall on campus Monday


Students at the University of Arizona are planning to erect the largest mock border wall in the country in protest of border enforcement policies in Arizona and nationwide.

The students plan to use barbed wire to build a wall about 400 yards long, or the size of four football fields, in the middle of the Tucson campus.

They plan to put the wall up Monday and have it there for 10 days, blocking a major traffic area on campus.

The students participating say they’re alarmed by increasing anti-immigrant legislation and sentiment throughout Arizona and the country, and “aim to create an unavoidable crisis on campus to expose the larger human catastrophe.”

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  1. May be the students should build the–REAL–border fence, because the federal government has not? Originally authored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in the George Bush era. Called the 2006 Secure Fence Act it was two15ft high fences, topped with razor concertina razor wire, the second interior fence of chain-link construction, very similar to those that surrounds military reservations or prison compounds. If American can build the greatest military jets, ships and send rockets to the moon and produce highly advanced satellites above the Earth, so why can’t they build two impenetrable fences? The American people should ask this question and why the single border fence is not completed?

    For those students not lobotomized by the brain dead Leftist Progressive or the radical open border fanatics, should join the tens of millions of the TEA PARTY. Tea Party is apposed to any form of Amnesty, which includes so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Rescind the birthright citizenship law, except one parent is a citizen, Any form of Dream Act or Sanctuary City policies, until the border fence is sealed tight and controlled by at least 5.000 military presence. We just cannot subsidize the worlds poor as its threatening especially the American workers on the lower scale, the State and federal economy and unrest in this nation.

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