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Brewer signs bill authorizing volunteer state militia


Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill creating a state militia that she could deploy at any time, and for any reason.

The bill, SB1495, creates a volunteer state militia, separate and apart from the National Guard.

Rep. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, who sponsored a near identical House bill, said this type of legislation couldn’t have come at a better time.

Harper, who has previously said the governor would not be required to establish a state militia and who called the new state guard a “safety net” for the governor, said he thinks Gov. Brewer should call a militia to action right away.

“I’m very excited that she signed it, of course,” he said. “With the national funding for the National Guard on the border expiring in June, I would like to see the governor sign an executive order that immediately establishes the guard.”

Harper said he consulted several times with Maj. Gen. Hugo Salazar, the Arizona National Guard’s adjutant general, about how he would be able to utilize a volunteer militia if it were to be established and deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border. He called those conversations encouraging.

The new state militia does not have a command structure defined, and Harper said the governor could put anyone in charge of the group.

“That’s not spelled out in the legislation,” Harper said.

Aside from potentially being deployed to the border, Harper said the new state guard could be used in the case of nuclear, biological or chemical attacks, or if there were a radiological leak at a nuclear power plant.

“Decontamination is vital in that scenario,” Harper said. “And the volunteer force could augment first responders in that case.”


  1. To the few we are worried that this will fall in tax payer money; we end all Arizona funded Access programs , welfare and let’s see. Business owners using migrant workers can be taxed for not employing U.S. Citizens and boom….militia has state funding . I’d be happy to serve Arizona as a Militia man. Giving back to what counts, securing our boarders.

  2. Gov. Brewer

    Please don’t put an age limit on the volunteers. If we’re healthy enough not to have hospice, we’re healthy enough to stand our ground.

  3. This is real simple it is each one taking the responsibility for protecting themselves and their neighbor. Switzerland whole military is based on this. every boy at age 14 is given a gun and supplies to protect his country when called to action. I would protect my house and property. Times are going to get tough and only those prepared will be safer.

  4. Dave Templeton

    Sign me up, this Governor has my support!

  5. Way to go!! Texas next i hope..

  6. hey chet…put down the Kool-Aid…it’s ok…this is a good thing…and just an fyi…white supremecy are dems….need a little education dear…poor pathetic uneducated creature

  7. So much stupidity spread among so few comments. Twenty-two other states already have volunteer defense forces. Those of you bird-brains who worry about who’s paying the bill overlook the fact that all existing state defense forces are funded out-of-pocket by the volunteer members.

    Those who think this group will end up as some sort of hee-haw redneck posse need to re-examine your own prejudices.

    Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt for all of you to read the recent article by the Heritage Foundation about state defense forces, before publicly making fools of yourselves here.

  8. I’m in! Got my Sword “The Word Of God” and my stick! Praying up… Let’s Roll!!!

  9. This makes me so happy! I’m a member of the NY Guard and am planning on moving to Arizona next summer, and was very disappointed to discover Arizona didn’t have a citizen militia unit. By next year, I hope they have it all set up so I can step right in and continue with my service! Thanks Arizona and Gov. Brewer! Your citizens will surprise you with their resourcefulness, I assure you!

  10. Just a thank you for enacting this. We can only pray all states follow your example. Feel free to contact any of our members to assist you in your endeavor. We are here to assist in all aspect.


  11. God love you Jan Brewer!!! Hope Gov Walker follows your example!

  12. Sign me up! I have training in chemical,nuclear, and biological war and decon!

  13. Thank goodness for Gov. Jan Brewer! Maybe we should nominate her for Israeli Prime Minister.

  14. This is an excellent idea provided it is “a well regulated militia”. Volunteers are the backbone of this country and a state sponsored program like this has the potential of saving tax payers $ billions. You could look at it more like a state wide neighborhood watch. Again if this is to be an armed militia, strict oversight must be in place.

  15. ChristCrusader

    @ post #1, Leslie Beacon, :

    I’m thinking that conservatives need to vote with their feet and abandon the liberal sinking ship states, like CA, and move en masse to purple states that can still be saved.

    Abandon ship! The liberal states are set, and we can hardly hope to change them, but moving to other states can be their coup de gras, can gain the conservatives more strength in the House and Senate, as well as the general Presidential election, and can regain yourself some refreshing freedoms in the process. If there were ever some effective campaign money to be spent, it would be to help pay for strategic, conservative population shifts.

  16. ChristCrusader


  17. Why are we assuming that this is a trust-worthy “militia”? Is it the same kind of militia that the constitution is referring to? If it’s set up and funded by anyone in our government, I question it. “She can deploy them anytime, for any reason”? What if she thinks you’re a “terrorist” by the same standards that our administration does? Just because they use the term/name “militia”, doesn’t make it automatically a constitutional one…will she deploy them when and if there is civil unrest (rightly so) in the streets due to a financial collapse and if so, would that be justifiable or will she demand that this militia march to the streets and doorsteps of our politicians in Wash. D.C.?

  18. I’d be willing to do this if I lived in Arizona! I already have enough gear. I love the outdoors!

  19. Why are we talking about an article that was published in 2011? Did the publisher think we wouldn’t notice?

  20. There are Constitutional militias in Aridzona already.

  21. This was done in 2011..?! How did I not know of this before now…? Well, whatever, I’m in…where do you sign up..?

  22. I would move to Arizona, and relocate my business, for this.

  23. Congratulations to Gov. Brewer and to Arizona!!! May every other state follow this example.

  24. Has no one read the Constitution or the Laws surrounding militias?

    Constitution – Article II – The Executive Branch Section 2 – Clause 1:The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States when called into the actual service of the United States. [Article 2,Section 2 of the US Constitution]…

    The reserve militia or unorganized militia, which is presently defined by the Militia Act of 1903 to consist of every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age who is not a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia.(That is, anyone who would be eligible for a draft.) Former members of the armed forces up to age 65 are also considered part of the “unorganized militia” per Sec 313 Title 32 of the US Code.

    To restate this if you are between 17 & 45 or a veteran less that 65 you are in the Federal Militia. You can be called up for service at any time to defend our country. Get used to the idea it has been this way since 1789 when the constitution was ratified. The law of 1903 clarifies this and was the establishment of the National Guard. If you do not like it as I have heard; you can start a campaign to amend the constitution to remove this clause or contact the Congress and Senate to repeal the 1903 law. It is your right to do this.

  25. A militia with no designated command structure that the Governor may use in any way she sees fit…….If this were Central or South America we would call this a private army.

  26. Hoo boy, xenophobix rednecks wearing camo and aviators patrolling with 10/22 thinking they’re all hot ****.

    Yeah this surely can’t go wrong.

  27. @Mel
    You could move to CA and get away from all those ‘bad people’ and I could move to AZ. Then we would both be happy.

  28. Under the 2nd amendment militia is totally Constitutional. It is total obfuscation and misdirection, Clintonian Hillary and Billary, so he yells nothing unconstitutional except him. If he is Kenyan can he be convicted of treason how about the whole dem. party? Once upon a time they would have been hung out to dry.
    This administration is Criminal and state, county and city police are following the example set in Boston, the true lowlife in government is coming out of the woodwork. The lowlife sees our system of checks and balances is gone our legal system is collapsing from the top down only a LIBERAL DEM. OR REP. could not see it.
    It is OUR JOB to protect the REPUBLIC its founders no longer are.

  29. Brewer should Salazar as soon as possible and get someone else.

  30. replace:)

  31. JT Ready, I know that I am a little behind but the term National Guard is just that the National Guard. The governor of each state can use the guard during a state of emergency that is declared by the president. Right now all guard units have been federalized since 9/11/01, meaning they are now part of the active military. Each state is require to maintain Army and Air Guard units to supplement the active Army and Air Force Units.

    Under the US Constitution, Article 32 I believe, each state can maintain it own militia. The militia is under the control of that States Governor and can be used to protect that state and its borders. The militia will be maintained at the county level. The members will be volunteers and provide their own weapons.

    Governor Brewer did not have to enact this she already has the power to do this.

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