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Brewer expands pitch on extended jobless benefits

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Gov. Jan Brewer (AP Photo/Matt York, File)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is proposing new eligibility requirements for some unemployment benefits recipients as she tries to entice Republican legislators to keep providing 20 weeks of extended benefits.

Many Republican legislators are reluctant to support a formula change supported by Brewer to keep 20 weeks of benefits after the initial 79 weeks.

Brewer is now proposing to impose two new requirements on recipients of the extended benefits.

Those would require recipients to document that they’re searching for jobs at least four days a week and to certify weekly that they know they must accept any job offer that pays at least minimum wage.

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson says the proposals that Brewer unveiled in a newspaper commentary Wednesday are a response to concerns voiced by lawmakers.


  1. Not a good idea about the minimum wage. Every person hiring would then offer every new employee minimum wage to see if that person fit into this category. Would you want a nurse being paid minimum wage?

  2. Brewer’s minimum wage requirement is bad but not nearly as bad as Andy Tobin’s despicable attempt to extort more tax reductions for his corporate pals as the price for his support of extending unemployment for those in our state most in need. He’s a vile and heartless man who will hopefully pay his dues someday.

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