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Pearce has demonstrated fair and balanced leadership during tough times

As a member of the Senate Republican caucus, I lend my support for Senate President Russell Pearce. He has demonstrated fair and balanced leadership during one of the most difficult times in the history of our state. Using his past experience as chairman of the Senate and House Appropriations committees, he was directly involved in developing a budget intended to move our state into a healthier economy. Senator Pearce has often stated his philosophy — you can only spend the money you have. I believe the state should live by that same rule and share that philosophy as well.

I believe President Pearce has always kept the residents of District 18 first and foremost in mind when serving as a legislator. He has championed many issues on their behalf, as well as the voters statewide with the passage of several ballot measures.

Senator Pearce has effectively fulfilled the role as Senate president. He kept the Senate schedule on track and has done a good job managing the affairs of the Senate as a whole. He is willing to listen to ideas and concerns that are brought forward by all of the members of the body. Some skeptics predicted a combative legislative process. In fact, in deference to his colleagues, he would not keep a bill from a floor vote even when he disagreed with the policy of the legislation. He voted his conscience. I think he deserves credit for that.

Again, I appreciate President Pearce’s leadership and his strong love for the state of Arizona. Therefore, I support him in the November recall election.


— Steve Pierce, R-Prescott, serves as Senate majority whip.


  1. Senator Pearce does not represent District 18 voters and interests. This is evidenced by the 18,000+ voters that signed petitions and 10,000+ signatures that were validated through a legislative recall process. The legislature did not perform as stated and the issues that were passed created divisiveness among all Arizona and placed our state in a negative light nationwide. Let me remind you, transplants, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, AHCCCS, favorable corporate taxes, Kidscare, birthright citizenship, educational cuts. If this is leadership given by Russell Pearce…..Arizonans deserve better.

  2. Senator Pearce most certainly represents District 18 voters!
    Senator Pearce stands for public safety, first and foremost.
    He stands for the rule of law.
    He stands for the constitution.
    He stands for citizen rights.
    He stands for small business.
    He stands for the right of all AZ citizens
    to live without fear.
    Russell Pearce represents what is good and fair
    for our state.

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