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Capitol Quotes: August 19, 2011

“That visit may have fueled a fire, so to speak, and it may have sent a false perception of what could be or not be.” — Florence Town Councilwoman Vallarie Woolridge, on Gov. Brewer’s Aug. 2 trip to Florence to meet with executives of a company that hopes to build a copper mine in town.

“I’m trying my very best, and as a legislator you can imagine how difficult this is, to keep my mouth shut.” — Rep. Tom Forese discussing his tour of colleges and universities around the state to learn about the higher education system from school leaders.

“Maybe it’s just because lobbyists have a bad name. I don’t think we’re such bad people.” — Lobbyist Mike Gardner on why the Goldwater Institute doesn’t want to register its analysts as lobbyists.

“I’m not sure if an elected position is the right thing for me. But a lot of people have been encouraging me.” — Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, on a possible run for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat.

“I call it Arizona’s largest gated community.” — Lobbyist Chuck Coughlin, referring to Florence, which is home to a state prison and Arizona’s death row.

“We do not have an illegal immigration problem. What we have is we have a welfare state problem. We need to get rid of the welfare state and any and all of the various complaints people have that they blame on illegal immigration will disappear.” — Libertarian Michael Kielsky, who has submitted paperwork to run in the LD18 recall election

“There’s not a stalemate, there’s just a conversation.” — Goldwater Institute President and CEO Darcy Olson, on the back-and-forth between the watchdog group and the Secretary of State’s office about registering more lobbyists.

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