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Capitol Quotes: September 23, 2011

“I remember thinking the sheriff had finally moved on me.”
— County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox on her thoughts when she was indicted in 2009.

“I became a Republican because of Ronald Reagan’s optimism and his passion for tax cuts, but the Gipper’s playbook is more than 30 years old. Can you imagine if your iPod only had Air Supply and Eddie Rabbitt? Sure, proposing tax cuts makes for great election-year sound bites, but show me something new and innovative.”
— Republican strategist and media consultant Chip Scutari, on legislators’ plans to introduce a slew of tax cut bills next session to jump-start the economy.

“It’s always good that the Legislature gets reminded that it can’t simply trump court orders whenever it wants to. I’m very happy this happened because we’re going to be able to clean our air and create jobs at the same time.”
— Rep. Steve Farley on a U.S. District Court ruling that a sweep of a transit fund in 2010 violated federal law.

“This is the pie-in-the-sky deal. We think we can come up with a measure that everybody is going to be comfortable with.”
— Sen. Andy Biggs, on a ballot referral he’s planning for 2012 that he believes would slash business personal property taxes without inspiring an opposition campaign.

“Senator Gould, you continue to demonstrate your prejudice and bias by overlooking and loosely applying the law, the Constitution of Arizona and the rules of the Senate Ethics Committee in order to support your pre-determined opinion and in order to force a specific outcome that you clearly personally desire.”
— Sen. Scott Bundgaard, in a complaint addressed to Sen. Ron Gould, chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee.

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