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Republicans rip redistricting commission’s draft congressional map

Gov. Jan Brewer and other Republican officials are criticizing a draft congressional redistricting commission approved by a state commission for use in elections in the coming decade.

Brewer called the map “every Democrat’s dream” and said it violates legal requirements for districts that are geographically compact communities of interest.

State House Speaker Andy Tobin called the draft map flawed and said the commission’s process wasn’t fair or transparent.

The commission approved the draft map on a 3-1 vote Monday, with two Democrats and the one independent voting for it and one Republican against. The second Republican abstained.

The draft map is to be the subject of public hearings expected to start next week.

Voter approval of a constitutional amendment in 2000 took redistricting out of hands of the Legislature.

Click here to see the adopted “draft” map with potential candidates plotted.


  1. First of all, the map is simply the first draft. There is going to be a second round of weeks-long public input, and then there will be a second draft.

    Secondly, the process has been ultra fair and completely transparent. This is in contrast to the bad old days when cigar-chomping majority-party demagogues — Andy Tobin’s predecessors — met in literally smoke-filled back rooms out of public view to protect their own incumbents and to put the screws to the minority party.

    The process this year has been refreshingly public — anyone who doubts can go to the Commission’s web site and read hundreds of hours worth of meeting transcripts and minutes, and can watch video of hundreds of hours of public meetings and public input.

    Of the 9 congressional districts, fully 4 are safely Republican, only 2 are safely Democratic, and only 3 are competitive. Based on voting history and population patterns, there is a substantive basis for there to be instead 3 safe GOP districts and 4 competitive districts instead of the other way around — and that could still be the end result once the final map is approved.

    A few partisans are bellyaching because the Independent Redistricting Commission has actually turned out to be an independent redistricting commission rather than the Schweikert/Quayle Incumbent Protection Plan. And that’s the way it should be.

    Nothing to see here, folks; move along.

  2. If you want to see true gerrymandering, look at the outline of Arizona’s current Congressional District 2. It looks like a roosting buzzard waiting for something to die


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