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Pearce’s immigration obsession hurts Arizona

Arizona’s now infamous SB1070, the tough anti-immigration law, was to be only the start for Senate President Russell Pearce. Upon passage of this legislation, he set about to get a series of bills so extreme that they were rejected by even his conservative legislative colleagues, the very same people who had just passed SB1070.

The leaders of the business community revolted. These are the “job creators” who understand what Pearce’s single-minded obsession with immigration is doing to the ability of the state to attract jobs. And not the $10-an-hour back office jobs that will all end up overseas anyway, but the $100,000-a-year high-tech primary industry jobs that enrich our entire community.

While their language was artful and diplomatic, it was not difficult to see what they were saying.  The leaders of 60 of the major employers in the state were saying: “enough!”

Think all of this is not being noticed nationally and internationally? Think again. One  New York Times article described the actions as “an admission that the state’s tough stance had resulted in a chilling of the normally robust tourism and convention industry.”

The reaction of the business community was not surprising given what I had already heard privately. Heads of major corporations that wanted to get key suppliers to move to Arizona were being told things like:

“My key employees don’t want to move there” or “I have senior executives who are Hispanic; I can’t ask them to move to that environment.”

We are being devastated economically. And the much-heralded tourism and convention business, though significant, is the least of it. We are losing opportunities to compete for the high-tech, high-end industries that everyone wants.

We are all being hurt by this single-minded obsession with immigration. One house in six in Arizona is empty. And your house is worth half of what it was three years ago. These facts are connected. Yes, housing is down nationally, but not nearly as much as here.

— Michael J. O’Neil, a Tempe-based pollster, is also chairman of Citizens for a Sane Arizona, an independent expenditure group formed to oppose Russell Pearce, who is facing a Nov. 8 recall election.


  1. AZ home values are down because of the Fed Res (throwing money at people), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (forcing lenders to provide a mortgage to everyone) and Obama’s Wall Street Fat Cats that sold derivates, CMS, hedges with Barney Franks protecting them in Congress.

    Housing would take its lumps and then recover if the regulators (Obama and crew) would back off and quit running the real estate industry. Told banks, who have many floors full of regulators, to do loan mods and Short Sales. Then Holder sues the lenders for robosigning. Even though handful of people thrown out of homes without cause, then all the states joined the lawsuit. Now US and 50 states fighting for a year over the settlement money. Net result is that lenders stopped releasing REO’s and the person defaulting on their mortgage stays in their house an average of 600 days for free. Rows of empty houses.

    Then Obama pressures the Banks to lend to businesses more and do Loan Mods. Then Obama pressure fe/Treasury for Q1 and Q2 which were Bailouts to the Banks. Banks are flsuh with cash and make a killing in the stock market. Banks tell Obama to shove it..no lending and no Mods. The big 5 banks have become Mega Monsters buying up the regionals who were the biggest small biz lenders.

    Now OBama has decided to repay his Fat Cat Wall Street donors and solicited bids to have them buy (20 cents on dollar?) in bulk all the HUD, Fannie and Freddie government properties. So now there is a blockage of bank REO’s and government REO’s waiting to be dumped on the market if Obama cannot cut a deal with maybe 6-10 of his buddies.

    The Fat Cats will rent the houses and then sell when prices rise (no more product on the market) and split the profit with Obama. Meanwhile, the poor little Mom and Pop investor has lost an investment tool having to live (not!) on 0.4% interest or a scary stock market. Retired people have to go back to work. Phoenix will become one gigantic Section 8 housing.

    Facts about AZ:

    Napolitano fled the state leaving a $1.2 Billion deficit making AZ in the worst financial shape in the US (debt per person) in better times. Pearce and crew finally Balanced the Budget and now AZ is rated in the top 5 financially in the US.

    Phoenix Convention Center facing strong summer despite impact of economy .6/1/11 AZ Rest Assoc.

    The AZ restaurant Assoc says business was better than expected in 2010 (with the Obama Recession) up more than $80 million over 2009.

    True, AZ was boycotted and sponsored by Randy Parraz, leading Pearce’s recall and Lewis’ main supporter. However, for every organization that boycotted the state, there were many more that encouraged a BUYcott. (google it).

    “Az Boycott Limited” in fact more people went to AZ last year amd more stayed in AZ hotels and resorts. Many conventions decided not to move.” http://www.ohio.com/news

    “Despite the threat of widespread travel boycotts tied to the state’s strict new immigration law, results for hotels and resorts in Phoenix Metro show little evidence of any short-term impact.” Hotels up 6.5% in May and 10.6% in June from the previous year OUTPACING NATIONAL GAINS. Revenue per room rose 6.2% and 11% respectively.Smith Travel Research.

    AZ Central 7-15-11 AZ attracted 1.6 million more visitors in 2010 than in 2009. 2010 tourism spending increased 4.5% to $17.7 Billion.

    AZ Tourist News: There are no negative effects I can quantify. There have been cancellations caused by the boycotts, but for every cancellation, 4 or 5 more reservations are coming in.”

    Cannot even an aging pollster Google and search his facts?

  2. The Obama Economic Record

    Misery Index up 65%
    Debt per Person up $12,316 pp ($47,047pp)
    Federal Debt up 39%
    Gas Prices up 85%
    Food Stamp Receipients up 41%
    Health Insurance Premiums up 23%
    Americans in Poverty up 6.4 million
    Unemployed Americans up 2 million
    Unemployment Rate up 17%
    Home Values down 11%


    Arizona is just a reflection of the USA Great Recesiion caused by Keynesian Economics and an idealogically -driven Administration

  3. To the contrary, we are being hurt by illegal aliens who overcrowd our schools,
    wreck our southern border, cause untold damage by driving in our state, cause untold damage by bringing drugs into our state, cause untold damage by
    bringing more gangs into our state.
    AZ cannot and will not survive this heinous assault upon our sovereignty,
    by Mexico’s uneducated and poverty stricken populace.

    Kathryn Kobor
    Phx AZ

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