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Capitol quotes: November 4, 2011

“I’m not going to let this freaking governor push me around. This is pure, stupid, stubborn Jan Brewer.” — Sen. Frank Antenori, threatening to kill any attempt to remove IRC Chair Colleen Mathis if the move didn’t include referring Prop. 106 back to the ballot as well.

“I want them.” — Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the shift of state prisoners with sentences of a year or less to county jails under provisions of a 2011 budget bill designed to save the state money. Most county sheriffs don’t want the extra prisoners.

“We’re in uncharted waters. We just have to kind of go day by day.” — Ray Bladine, executive director of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, on the unanswered questions surrounding the panel’s future after the removal of Chair Colleen Mathis.

“I would hope they would be very grateful that the so-called voluntary contributions are going to stop and would accept the return to the prior sentencing policy.” — Rep. John Kavanagh on efforts by county lobbyists to repeal a law that shifts certain state prisoners to county jails. Counties also want an end to forced contributions to the state, which Kavanagh is willing to accept.

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  1. Senator Antenori is absolutely correct-we need to revise 106 and get it on the ballot soon. The procedure was set up to fail or succeed by being skewed in favor of the uber Left.

    Thank you Janet Napolitano!You fled AZ and left us in the worst financial state in USA with $1.2 Billion defcicit in better times (pearce and crew have finally Balanced the Budget and AZ is now in top 5). Napolitano also left us with this tainted bag of corruption!

    How can a Commission find compromise when you have 2 die hard Republicans and 2 die hard Democrats with a so-called Independent as the deciding vote and Chair? At the bare minumum, we should have 2 preferably 4-5 Independents. And not chosed by Napolitano’s handpicked Court. The other back-up Independents are also progressives. Thank you, Big Sis!

    Mathis voted ALL the time with the progressives on key votes. Mathis and her husband donated to Obama’s campaign as well as various democratic causes. Then Obama gives Mathis a job handing out Obama Stimulus Funds in Tucson even though Mathis background is not Funding or Fundraising -she is an engineer. Hum!

    Then Mathis gets in trouble by Vote Trading, Bid Rigging, Destroying Ballots to get Obama’s campaign advisor, Strategic Telemtry, chosen as the mapper (even though they have no experience, requires 3 contractors to do their work, and at double the cost of the AZ companies). ChicagoLand kneecap politics.

    The rest is history. AJ Horne investigated…the Guilty 3 refuse to answer the states’ questions. We, the taxpayers are required to pay for 4 -yes four-lawyers to defend the Guilty 3 at $300 an hour. Just answer the darn questions!

    And why do we the taxpayers have to pay for the 4 lawyers to CONTINUE working on defending Mathis since she is fired and off the Commission? We continue to pay the 4 laywers at $300 an hour as they file papers to fight against the impeachment. Does not the commission lawyers work for the State and the taxpayers and the entire Commission not just defending an ex-commissioner?

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