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Wilcox awarded $975K in lawsuit vs Arpaio, Thomas

Mary Rose Wilcox (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

A federal judge has awarded Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox $975,000 to settle her claims against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ex-County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The claim stems from allegations of abuse of power and prosecutions and lawsuits motivated more by politics than criminal behavior.

The Arizona Republic says Wilcox was awarded the money on Friday.

Former County Manager David Smith reached an agreement on the settlement amount last month based on legal and cost analysis by retired Judge Christopher Skelly.

Skelly acted as a mediator for the county and determined that Wilcox’s settlement would be cheaper than litigating it in court.

A 2010 resolution approved by the supervisors gave Smith authority to negotiate settlements relating to legal claims in longstanding disputes between county officials and Arpaio and Thomas.

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  1. Wilcox’s settlement states clearly that elected officials, like Thomas and Arpaio, who abuse their power has legal and fiscal consequences. At some point, voters will need to decide whether Arpaio is an asset or a liability. With things being what they are, it seems more logical and responsible to remove Arpaio from office because it costs taxpayer to much to keep him in office. His performance in applying the letter of the law and efficiently managing MCSO is a liability, just like Thomas. If we are to improve and change our government and law enforcement….now is the time.

  2. Wilcox gets $975,000
    Illegals cost the state o f AZ 1.6 billion last year.
    Keep it up and this state is in the dumper

  3. How and why are you turning this into an immigration issue, is it because Mary Rose skin color is brown, do you know she is a U.S. born latina citizen? Are must be a Maricopa County Sherriff.

  4. And yet we can’t sue Mary Rose Wilcox for abusing HER power and forcing all residents to pay for that palace for millionaires in downtown.

  5. Arpaio is the PROTECTOR of the CIA’s drug trafficking operations, so are the FBI (Agent Bob Caldwell), so is Maxwell & Morgan (MORMON CIA LAW FIRM WHO RUNS THE HOA”S). David Henderschott, was removed from power by me….
    Not to mention Danny Snodgrass of the MCSO……

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