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Maricopa County treasurer tries blocking award

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox

Maricopa County will ask a federal judge to reconsider his order to award $975,000 to Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

The money was a settlement for Wilcox’s lawsuit against the county, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ex-County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The Arizona Republic says County Treasurer Charles “Hos” Hoskins filed his motion to intervene Friday.

Hoskins wants to question whether the judge’s order sidesteps his statutory duty to sign off on county expenses.

Wilcox sued the county over claims she had been victimized by Arpaio and Thomas in their so-called corruption investigations between 2008 and 2010.

Wilcox was indicted, but a Superior Court judge threw out the charges and ruled they had been filed for political reasons.

Her attorney reached a tentative settlement last month with former County Manager David Smith.

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  1. Wilcox was victimized by the Maricopa County Sheriff and the (disbarred) Maricopa County Attorney in their so-called corruption investigation between 2008 and 2012. As a woman, she has been singled out and had to endure the full force of the destruction coming her way. She remained strong representing many in the community who had no voice or were silenced out of fear. Wilcox like any other victim deserves her settlement. Her lawyers also need to get paid for their services. As long as the MCSO and MCAO can work in tandem to coerce officials and others they with the awesome power of their offices and are allowed to do it, they will. It’s time for Wilcox to be paid. This should be a wake-up call the the elected “law enforcement” officials (prosecutors) who drive state legislation and have the ability to destroy peoples’ lives.

  2. Nancy l Vallone Rn Bsn Msn Cns

    I agree with Proact@mac.com observation of the victimization in Maricopa county , the full force of destruction, coercsion and collusion with others in govt ,attorneys, public fiiduciary, behavioral health dept, DEPT of DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY, VALUE OPTION, MAGELLAN , a few bad apples as guardian ad litem like Mr theut and civil service with their abuse of power
    They all DO DESTROY lives .
    I speak from experience for myself, my niece , other families and friends .
    The greed, fraud , perjury, lies, collusion, blatant disrespect for human life, hiding Behind their cover of secrecy because there is no one they are accountsble to – its rampant -the programs are just on paper . Our experience has been ongoing since 1993. The best decision would be to eliminate dept of DD , Magellan, dept of Behavioral health edprcially Barbra Brent and to put the services in the open market place and let them compete for business like everyone else .
    It was like living in a 3rd world country under communism and the retaliation resulted in a daily witch hunt with lies, bring set up ,libel, slander and character assassination and defamation .
    The worst abusive relationship you could ever imagine resulting in your loved one bring taken away , warehoused for
    Months, in god awful group homes that profit over $370,000 yr from federal waiver , social security and our tax dollars while they are overdrugged and sedated , isolated from friends and family, physically and sexually abused not yo mention the over charging and overbooking and falsifying $25,000yr for case management by dept of DD and Magellsn each whole the person was in the hospital for months unnecessarily and the double billing our private insurance company $220,000 a month for their services . This is just the tip of
    The iceberg
    I agree Ms Wilcox and her lawyers should be compensated but not from the tax payers but from the individual’s who victimized her own funds . Then they might think twice .

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