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Tempe mulls bond election for dam replacements

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Tempe is mulling a $10.5 million bond election to help pay to replace the rubber dams at Tempe Town Lake.

The East Valley Tribune reports that the city council will move toward having the election while recognizing that the lake needs other improvements with unknown costs.

Tempe also could find other funds that make the bond unnecessary.

The city estimates that $37.5 million is needed to replace the four rubber bladders on the lake’s west end by December 2015 — $4 million more than previously estimated.

The city has until July to call the election.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman says the city needs to have the bond package as an option even as it explores grants or raising funds by selling or leasing property near the lake.

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  1. One should consider what it would cost to fill in all the dam breach except the part wherein the spillways are needed. I simply can not believe the whole width of the area needs to be a conventional “dam’

    It is assumed about 125,000 to 150,000CFS is all one whould have to provide for


    PS: I was a friend of Wayne Linthicum PE; this is where the whole idea of the “rubber dam” came from. It was the lack of protection from UV and IV which has us at this stage. Too bad.

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