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Many Muslims are loyal Americans, including doctor to Congress

It has come to my attention that some members of the Arizona community are “warning” us that all Muslims are a threat to the United States.

Such an assertion is false on its face! There are many Muslims who are loyal Americans. I will cite but one example of the many I know. I preface the discussion by pointing out that I am a Jew. And I am a Jew speaking out against this slander of lumping all Muslims together as “enemies.”

The one example I will cite is my very dear friend and my personal physician, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser.

Jasser served honorably in the U.S. Navy for more than a decade. During part of that service, he was assigned at Bethesda Naval Hospital as chief resident in internal medicine. Following his service at the primary hospital of the Navy, for the next two years he was assigned to the Office of the Attending Physician to Congress (OAP). That office, with its clinic inside the U.S. Capitol Building, provides medical care for members of both houses of the legislative branch and to members of the Supreme Court.

I suggest that Congress and the Supreme Court do not ask for just any doctor to be assigned to the OAP. I suggest that they demand the best physicians available.

I, a Jew, happily put my life in the hands of a Syrian Muslim (American Muslim of Syrian extraction) who I know to be more loyal to the United States than those who want to paint him with a brush of bigotry.

Jasser is but one example out of many I could cite. I hope this will bring a swift closure to such specious arguments.

— Bob Rosenberg, Phoenix

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  1. Perfect. I just wish Mr. Rosenberg would have given us even more examples. Those who oppose his viewpoint have much to learn.

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