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Brewer issues executive order to thwart new Obama immigration plan

Gov. jan Brewer. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday ordered state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration policy.

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Young illegal immigrants around the nation on Wednesday began the process of applying for federal work permits under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The federal policy defers deportations for that group if they meet certain criteria, including arrival in the United States before they turned 16 and no convictions for certain crimes.

After President Barack Obama announced the policy change in June, Brewer labeled it “backdoor amnesty” and political pandering by the Democratic president.

Arizona has been in the vanguard of states enacting laws against illegal immigration.

The U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned parts of the Arizona enforcement law known as SB1070 but ruled that a key provision on requiring police to ask people about their immigration status under certain circumstances can be implemented.

The Obama administration challenged that law in 2010 after Brewer signed it into law.

In the past decade, Arizona voters twice approved laws denying publicly funded services, such as in-state resident university tuition rates, to illegal immigrants unless mandated by the federal government.

Brewer’s order said the policy’s federal paperwork doesn’t confer lawful status on illegal immigrants and won’t entitle them to Arizona public benefits.

However, it said the policy change “could result in some unlawfully present aliens inappropriately gaining access to public benefits contrary to the intent of Arizona voters and lawmakers who enacted laws expressly restricting access to taxpayer funded benefits and state identification.”

Brewer directed state agencies to start any necessary emergency rulemaking processes to implement her order.

Some protesters marched to the state Capitol on Wednesday night from the downtown Phoenix office of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition.

“We are saddened that Gov. Brewer is siding with the past, against progress, against young people and the general support the Dream Act has in the general population,” Dulce Matuz, Arizona ADAC chairman, said in a statement.

State Rep. Catherine Miranda, who supports the federal program, called Brewer’s action mean-spirited.

“She just continues to put obstacles in front of young people in Arizona,” the Phoenix Democrat said.

Rep. Martin Quezada, D-Phoenix, said he questioned whether the order would have much practical effect under Arizona’s current laws. But he said it served to demonize good kids who should be allowed to get state-issued identification and enter the workforce.

Arizona Democratic Party executive director Luis Heredia said Brewer’s order “fails to move Arizona forward on immigration reform. This amounts to a gubernatorial temper tantrum.”

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  1. Good for Governor Brewer! At least there’s one governor willing to stand up for US citizens who are being victimized by the socialist tyrant in the White House.

  2. Its sad to see a door open and another close, due to people that don’t want to see good people succeed

  3. despicable woman!

  4. Thank you Governor Brewer for protecting the great state of AZ. Illegals should never be entitled to any state benefit, those benefits belongs to lawful citizens.

  5. Why are people so dead set against allowing children who have grown up in the USA the ability to be here legally? They are Americans – they speak English, they work hard and have gotten an education. They deserve the American dream as much as any of us, if not even more so.

  6. She is one horrible woman

  7. its sad to see how much IGNORANCE American people have. Arizona should be ashamed of the way they are acting against illegal people. Who are they to judge someone just because they dont have a “paper” that says they are not us citizens? everyone deserves the same right to live freely in the US regardless of their race esp. since they are also GIVING back and CONTRIBUTING to the well being of the US!!

  8. Governor Brewer is not protecting the state of Arizona in now way. Many of the citizens who have those beniits choose to use then wrongfully. Whilst the illegals who won’t have them can make a difference. Thanks Governor, for adding more wood to the fire that has been going on for years.

  9. I can’t believe people are being so ignorant about this. These kids came here at a young age not knowing the laws they broke. They were just children and yet you have the piece of mind to call them “illegal” and “unlawful?” Seriously that is the mentality you have? If your child commited a crime at a young age without his understanding and he/she is punished for the rest of his/her life how would you feel? It’s no different. Obviously if you people were in there shoes you would not be saying such things. If your family is hungry, and you can’t do anything at all, every single parent would the the impossible to provide for his child. There are no “food stamps” or financial aid in there country. The country is poor… It is 5x harder to find a job there then what we now experience here in the united states. so tell me what would a parent do?

  10. Good Job, Governor! I really don’t understand why some would think illegals should be ENTITLED to state funding, when they cannot go through the proper channels to be here legally. My husband did it, so can they.

  11. they get a american education how about we let them use it in america?

  12. This women should be ashamed of herself and so should all of you who support such ignorance what gives you the right to deny someone the chance to succeed least I remain you all we all are immigrates the only true Americans are our Native American friends so how dare you have any say how bout you back to ur ancestors country u complain about illegal immigration there you go leave let the true Americans have there country back just saying shame on you

  13. Its sad that a woman with this type of power be so ignorant. These kids have as much right as any natural born citizens to be allowed to work and receive an education.

  14. That ‘s Great about time,these people think money grows on tree’s costing tax payers billions,this country can’t afford every tom,****,harry,that breaks our Laws,an thinks they should be Rewarded,Gret Job Jan,Millions of American’s out of work an OBUMA wants millions of Illegals to have jobs,an most of these Illegals are collect free everything on top of it.SCREW YOU OBAMA !!

  15. How ignorant can you be Brewer . But god sees thing and it will hit you when you least expect it. Those kids had no idea of what they were doing. Those are by heart soul and mentality as AMERICAN as any of us. And they deserve the right to live the American Dream. Like someone else said there is Americans that have all this benefit and they don’t use it take advantage of it instead they put it to waist. I know families that are immigrants and with the limitations they have I admire they hard work and they have come far. For them to live the life like mine and our neighbors . ( Upper Class ) … They are as American as I am . This kids are valedictorians and have graduated with honors . To come to a reality of not continuing with there dreams because of a 4×2 inch of paper with a 9 digit number.

  16. Awesome. So if they have the right to be here, do they have a right to suck of our taxes too? When does it stop?

  17. Mexico’s unemployment is 5%, ours is over 8%. So it is not harder to find a job in Mexico.

  18. Way to go Governor Brewer! There already is a way to gain citizenship. We do not need to grant any particular demographic a special pathway just because they have evaded detection for a long time. It is not the fault of the US that the parents of these “children” chose to break the law by smuggling themselves as well as their children to the United States. With unemployment near 9 percent “officially” (much higher if actually counted properly), we do NOT need another 1,800,000 people entering the workforce. They all need to return to their country of origin (what ever continent they came from).

  19. OUTSTANDING.. Gov Brewer!!! You are my hero, even though I am in FL, I pray you and thank you so much for doing what is RIGHT for the immigrants who stood in line, and did things the LEGAL way to become citizens. It’s NOT Fair to them, the UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts of Obama. HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED and tried for Treason.

  20. I would like to thank all of you that are supporting undocumented students. we appreciate it!

  21. Thank you Governor Brewer. I had to wait 6 years to immigrate, there is a process that is legal and lawful. Listen not to these short cutters who cheat their way to the front. Had I known it would only cost me a $500 penalty, I still would not have done it. Laws are laws and the fact that a president in El Salvador or the United States breaks or changes it does not make it lawful.

  22. YEAH Jan!

    As for those that say oh these poor people were just children? I saw BULL! Once they reach a certain age they can do the right thing. This dream act that Obozo is implementing applies to up to 30 year old people. Cmon! They have had PLENTY of time to stop running and hiding! ENOUGH is enough! And what none of you realize or care about is for every anchor brat that gets this can then turn around and apply to sponsor their ILLEGAL parents who brought them here. That is NOT right!!!!

  23. It isn’t about race. It isn’t about them being good or bad people, or about the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in. It is about the law, it is about pandering for votes.

    They are, in the eyes of the law, an illegal alien, and law has a proscribed means of shedding themselves of that designator.

    Elected Representative of the citizens ( you know, those people the Constitution says are supposed to vote) carried for the will of the people and voted down the dream/amnesty act. Obama made a royal decree and declared what laws he will and will not obey.

    Good for Jan Brewer for standing up for the rule of law.

  24. good for Jan!! all these sympathizers who want to cray over these law breakers. dont give me the **** of they should be legal cuz they didnt know. BULL!! they KNEW they were entering illegally!! we have rules to become a citizen they must be followed!!! Proud of you Jan!! Keep up the great work!

  25. THANK YOU, Gov. Brewer! I was afraid the whole country had lost their minds…

  26. The law is the law. Until Congress changes it, being in this Country illegally is criminal and these people should be forced out. Try asking for the same benefits in Mexico and you’ll being locked away. Obama’s presidential order is a violation of the Constitution and the law of separation of powers. To be a citizen of this great nation, one must denounce loyalties to all other countries, something most immigrates from Mexico have refuse to do. This fact was evident in recent Olympics where an American runner, representing the United States ran a victory lap carrying a Mexican Flag and/or the protest for amnesty where several Mexican flags are flying. If you t want to be American, act it. The immigrants of the early 20’s would have never disgraced the County the way that the current immigrants do. Renounce Mexico and your allegiance to it, start acting like you want to be American, stop whining that this land is yours, it was purchase from Mexico legally and does not belong to you. Its a privileged to be an American and not a right, read the Constitution, learn to language of the land, act American and then maybe we can all talk.

  27. Thank you Governor Brewer, you are a true leader and represent the citizens of this great county.

  28. For you intelligence lacking people that are agreeing with this movement, these are CHILDREN that can apply! These are children that were brought to the United States with no option when they were less than 15. Please educate yourselves and read the document before you agree with some dictator in Arizona that is shutting down the dreams of children that grew up speaking English and growing up with your childre….Educate yourself ignorant \good citizens\ of the United States!

  29. How can people be so angry?? To all those that are criminalizing illegals, just ponder about the FACT that wherever your working there are illegals working. and some may even be your bosses. I went through my whole undergrad being an illegal. throughout those 4 years I witnessed most of my WHITE friends living the ideal college life (meaning they’d go about drinking and partying with their frat brothers daily) while I had to go to bed in order for me to make it to work the next day and pay for my tuition. I am now a real U.S. citizen because I have worked hard to earn that right, I wasn’t born with it. I didn’t choose to come here illegally, but ultimately that is what got me into medical school.

  30. Of course she would do such thing. At least we are willing to work and go school even though we have to pay $969.00 for one class, not like some U.S. citizens that don’t work and don’t go to school, who have the opportunity to work and to study!! Some even get extra money. It’s like they’re getting paid for going to school!! WTF!! I’m NOT saying that ALL U.S CITIZENS I SAID “SOME.” I’m tired of SOME U.S citizens saying “I can’t find a job.” I actually went to the mall and asked around if they were hiring and guess what approx. 10 out of 25 stores are hiring including the food court. But wait they’re only paying $8.25 hourly. If I had the opportunity to work I would take it!

  31. Wow. This lady makes me sick; shutting down the hopes and dreams of kids and teens. This lady can’t eve raise her own kids rite. and she’s limiting the future of these kids? That’s just pathetic.

  32. This is great! Working mules with out giving them any sort of benefits!! Now, thats the American Way!!!

    Punish the greedy corporations lobby for this to get cheap labor? Nah, thats not AMERICAN. Gotta exploit the weak so we sit home thanking God our the food on our table that was picked by the hands our mules!!

    Bush allowing temporating workers in? AWESOME!
    Black man doing it? WHY I NEVER!!

    Heck yeah

  33. Hater Hater hater HATER hater HATER HATER HATER hater hater HATER hater HATER hater

    This woman has gone to the point of putting her own battle with Obama ahead of the welfare of the state OR it’s citizens. AGAIN

    This does not just affect the undocumented or illegal or wettys or whatever she likes to refer to them as behind closed doors. This affects ALL OF US.

    This is not the first time she’s gone to battle with him and the only ones paying the price are the citizens of Arizona.

    She’s as bad as Arpaio when it comes to thinking that the only thing that matters is “winning” regardless of the human cost.

    I am thinking of a word that rhymes with sandwich, but if i called her that, it would be an insult to my DOG!

  34. You guys that stand agaisnt this law are stupid and have real issues…
    We came to this country at a young age, 9 years old. never intended to stay in this country came because i had no other option. went to school here elementry, junior high, high school and college. Learned to love this country and cannot see myself living anywhere else besides the US.
    Now your telling me to go back to my country, well this is my country, if anything the real illegal people are your grandparents and came to this country illegally from europe. cause this is a native of america country.
    you american people that are agaisnt this you guys have no heart and thats why you guys are hated on by so many other countries.
    The only person who rules this world is God.

  35. Jan Brewer as a governor is doing more for that state than the Damn congressman and senators combined. For all you “haters” who bash on her and talk **** have no grounds to do so. “Poor illegal immigrants”, what about the legitimate, honest, legal, tax paying citizens of Arizona who struggle every day to get by? Open your eyes people, stop being government “sheoples”. This country needs to help itself first before helping others. Exploited government programs and the immigration policy need over hauled.

  36. Rest assured that when the US is in a long – term depression — for doubters who are ignorant of depression – level unemployment statistics and of declining GDP — take a gander at the Shadow Government website of John Williams and key on the UNEMPLOYMENT and GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT graphs. The U6 = 15% and the SGS = 23%. And, oh by the way, even though Nobel economist Paul Krugman is three years late to the party, his latest book is titled END THIS DEPRESSION NOW! So people know this depression will endure for many more years or until the EU breaks apart and results in a global depression. 22 – 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. It should surprise me but it does not: the stupidity and ignorance of uninformed open borders zealots who have not one clue of what they are talking about.

    Unemployment of high school grads between 18 – 29 years of age, as of January 2011, was 40%. Yes, the US is very close to unemployment evels in Greece and Spain.

  37. Excellent. All States / Governors need to do the same. Nice work Gov. Brewer.

  38. Jan Brewer has once again demonstrated that she is a tough customer who will defend our state come hell or high water. All the backlash from the invaders and their ilk will be drowned out by nationwide cheers. Bravo!

  39. Taxpayer money is intended for citizens, this ungrateful bunch have never said they love this Country for the education etc. we were forced to pay for. We owe them nothing!

  40. Many people have immigrated here legally, went thru the proper channels and paid their dues and are welcomed in the USA. What entitles someone to come here *illegally* and somehow “think” that they are owed the benefits that legal citizens get!!?? So a *illegal alien(s)* brings kids here and “thinks” they should automagically get legal citizen benefits!!???? Would it work that way in the country the *illegal aliens* came from if a USA citizen went to that country……..*no way* !!!!! The *illegal alien* parent(s) are at fault…..NOT the state of Arizona.

  41. They ARE illegals and they are aliens, They were brought here illegally and they deserve to be sent home and immigrate the legal way. I have no problems with legal immigrants but what really burns me up is Obamanation flooding a market with workers when there is not enough jobs around for the citizens or legal immigrants. How stupid can one man be??? Go back to Kenya you POS in the White House.

  42. i was gonna go off and put everyone in there place, but, You know what? its okay i forgive this woman. God has everything under control! He put her in the place shes in right now for a reason, and he has the control of everything that has been going on… I just want to say i am one of those dreamers and this will surely not stop me. I am going to continue sending in my request and i know i will get it since i was brought here since i was 3, and i will do anything that is possible to continue to feed myself in order to survive, i do not need a drives license to do that. i just ask for all you people that still do not understand the big picture to open your minds a little. Take me for example, how do you expect to take a guy like me back to a country he barely even knows exists (that’s because of a map). it wasn’t in my own will to do it my parents brought me here…and no i do not hold it against them, because honestly, and excuse me for saying this, but id rather be alive then dead… and if that was you in those critical situations i think you would have done the same. But back to my main point, I raised here, i was educated here, i graduated all through high school and now in college, for God sake i know how to write and speak this language better then i do my native language. Really, the paths many of you are taking on these issues are unjustly. what you guys are wanting to do is like if you wanted to take baby cub from the wild, raising it here, and then send it into the wilderness where it knows nothing about, and endangered of its survival. Or let me take this a different direction. Lets say your child at a young age is a part of a crime robbery that you involved him in, and where he had no common sense in what was going on. Then when he is 18 he has to go to jail because of you? doesn’t make sense does it?…. well this is as far as i will take it, hate to cut it short. i can really go on and on with this matter since it is really easy too do when you are right, but like i said God has everything under control. God Bless America 🙂 thank you for reading 🙂

  43. Maybe some of you don’t understand that this is to benefit children who were brought here by their parents. I know a few and they were brought here at 3 or 4 years old. Do you really expect a 3 yr old to say ” no mommy and daddy i can’t go with you to the U.S. because it would be breaking the law?” REALLY? I would like to see any little kids say something like that.

    I am not for undocumented aliens receiving our rights, but saying that these children are ILLEGAL is just not fair. I am not impressed with our governor’s move here. And am not impressed with many of you who commented…. but to the few who see the light, thank you for being a civil human being with a compassionate spirit! You are the kind of American that others are proud of and want to be like!

  44. Deport all illegal alien lawbreakers and criminals. No foreigner should be rewarded for violating our country’s laws.

  45. Meanwhile, there’s a backlog of over two million applicants who have followed every rule, submitted every form, paid every fee, and entered our country legally. Why should the “dreamers” take priority?

  46. For everyone bemoaning how “cruel” we legal American’s supposedly are to disallow UNLIMITED immigration, please consider BORDER VIOLATION IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME. What do you have to say to the 50% recent, legal, college graduates UNABLE TO GET A JOB? Why is their own President adding another 2 million new job seekers to compete with them? No decent person approves of expecting a child to pay for their parent’s crimes, but these young people have already been receiving undeserved benefits. THE US GOVERNMENT OFFERS FREE SAFE TRANSPORTATION FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY BACK TO THEIR NATIVE COUNTRIES. Maybe these now educated young people will be the ticket out of poverty for their native lands. WHICH ONE OF YOU WANTS TO GO ON RECORD SAYING WE SHOULD ACCEPT THE 2 BILLION PEOPLE who currently live in countries with no “food stamps?” We must help people gain higher quality lives where they are. We can NOT ACCEPT EVERYONE HERE!

  47. Food for thought: Do “good” parents allow their own children to starve while providing free food to others? “WHO” is under the false impression that this single broke, over-crowded country can keep trying to be the world’s lifeboat. The fact that these folks can prove a NEED does NOT automatically create an ABILITY on our part to provide it. Maybe “WHO” would like to lead by example, open up his/her own home and let unlimited numbers of homeless parents, just trying to provide a roof for their children, move in. Otherwise, we’ll all call “WHO” ignorant and mean-spirited, Okay? HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WANT TO MOVE HERE – IF THEY ALL DO, OUR ONCE PLEASANT, PROSPEROUS SOCIETY BECOMES THE SAME OVER-POPULATED, POVERTY-STRICKEN CHAOS THESE FOLKS ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE. Let us help people where they are. That’s doable. Trying to take everyone in here is NOT! Some common sense please?

  48. I commend Ms Brewer she is very stong in her morals and convictions. I wish more in the government would stand up and take the correct stand. We in Arizona do not want to go down the same path as California. There are to many illegals coming into this country and trashing what our fore fathers died for. I have no issue with someone who comes here correctly and learns ENGLISH but this trash that is here now needs to go. I thank god every day for men like Joe Arpio and Strong ladies like Jan Brewer

  49. Thank God for Jan Brewer and thank the devil for ignorant liberals!

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