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Goldwater Institute attorney co-authoring immigration book with Jeb Bush

Goldwater Institute attorney Clint Bolick co-authoring immigration book with Jeb Bush

Clint Bolick (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a working on a book about one of the Republican Party’s most contentious issues: immigration.

Bush has a deal with Threshold Editions, a conservative imprint of Simon & Schuster, for “Immigration Wars: Forging An American Solution.” Threshold announced Wednesday that the book is scheduled for next spring and will be co-authored by conservative attorney and activist Clint Bolick. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Drawing upon history and American ideals, Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick outline a courageous and comprehensive strategy to bridge the partisan divide and set our nation’s immigration policy on a just and rational course,” Threshold said in a statement. “The book will present a comprehensive solution based on two core principles: Immigration is vital to America’s future, fueling its growth, vibrancy and creativity; yet any true and enduring solution must adhere to the rule of the law.”

The 59-year-old ex-governor has been urging his fellow Republicans to take on a more moderate tone on immigration, saying hard-line policies have led to lost elections. Bush himself was elected twice in a state with a substantial Hispanic population.

Books have become a standard way to advance a national candidacy and Bush, the son and brother of former presidents, has been widely discussed as a 2016 GOP contender should President Obama be re-elected. But he has disputed having such ambition, saying his goal was to help the 2012 Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

Bush also helped write a book that came out in the mid-1990s, “Profiles in Character,” published by his own Foundation for Florida’s Future.

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  1. I will look forward to this book. Clint will add a great perspective outsidet he partisan bounds.

  2. Illegal immigration is a bigger problem that most believe. The Az. Rep. finally noted that Mexicans make up more that half of all illegal aliens. Hispanics are not the isue. Illegal is the issue but Mexicans are the greatest problem. They are not assimilating into the US culture. They are demanding we change to their culture and language. They believe they have a right to be because the US \stole Texas and the southwest from Mexico. This is a lie. A study of Mexcan and Texas History clearly shows actions of the Mexican gov. caaused the Texas revolution. There iis a well orginazied movement led by activists, church groups, Hispanic organizations, liberal (Hispanic) polititions and supported by the ACLU and new media to sway public opinion. They are winning. The goal is to block enforcement of all immigration laws particularly as to mexico. The Obama Admin. also aided this movement with the recent policy to stop deportatins.

    My views are too radical for the current political climate. However, I offer new insight into the larger problem. I believe we need an educational program to counter the activists movement. This requires resources to research issues and present a true analysis of the problems and solutioons.

    I would like to discuss this with Mr. Bolick. I would appreciate mr. Bolick call ing me at 602 870 1820.

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