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Forget rhetoric and partisanship, House Dems to offer economic solutions

Election results both in Arizona and nationwide showed that voters are sick and tired of extremist, partisan politics. They want common sense leaders who are focused on addressing the real issues they and their families face. Arizona House Democrats are committed to moving our economy forward and protecting the middle class — because that is what Arizonans told us they want.

The voters did indeed send a loud and clear message on Election Day.

Arizonans, like all Americans, are sick of partisan bickering, empty promises and double speak. Arizonans understand we face complicated issues and they want solutions, not rhetoric and partisanship. They certainly don’t want to hear politicians claiming victory while they and their families continue to struggle.

I am concerned that the Republican leadership here will continue with “more of the same:” more budget cuts to education, more tax breaks for the wealthy and special interests (but not for you), more backroom deals to swipe dedicated funds (like the mortgage settlement fund) to pay for their friends’ special interest pet projects (like private, for-profit prisons), and more failure at adopting a real plan for balancing Arizona’s budget and creating long-term economic stability for our state.

Republicans may call that “vision,” but I call it “negligence.”

The truth is massive tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations that passed in 2009 are starting to kick in. Combine those with the end of the temporary sales tax after this fiscal year, and the result is that Arizona is going to be facing a massive deficit once again. So what is the House speaker’s solution for this deficit? What about the governor’s solution? Is it more cuts to schools and short-term gimmicks like stealing money from one program to pay for another? Or do they actually have a long-term plan for Arizona?

We need innovative, responsible policies to move our state forward.

The House Democratic Caucus will be offering solutions focused on long- term stability and growth for Arizona. I hope that the governor, the GOP leadership in the Legislature and other leaders from across Arizona will join me in this effort. We can’t afford anything less.

— Rep. Chad Campbell, a Phoenix Democrat from District 24, is the House minority leader.


  1. Rep. Campbell, You seem to be one of very few bright spots in Arizona. We couldn’t agree more you. We’ll be at the legislature this session to support your bills.

    Critical issue: Education or incarceration? Time to slash the massive Corrections budget that is out of control. They don’t take care of what they have, could care less about the the safety and well-being of those in their custody while wanting to continue to escalate the growth of new prisons Arizona does NOT need!

    Other conservative and smart states are reforming sentencing laws, reducing prison populations and saving millions of taxpayers’ $$$’s. Legislators are not respected who thumb their noses at the people while lining their own pockets.

  2. All legislators and the people should see this award-winning documentary that shows the reality of life in Arizona and America. The private prison corporations have turned the U.S. into #1 Jailer in the world. A shameful distinction in “land of the free” (no more). The people are speaking out but the legislators are not listening.

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  4. Swiping money from homeowners it was intended for and handing it over to the private prison corporations to build new prisons, Arizona does NOT need is unconscionable! People have had enough of the Governor, Chuck Coughlin / Senseman / High Ground CCA conflict of interests that are shockingly apparent to the informed citizenry. Contracts signed with CCA, Friday after 5:00, August 31st, 2012, when people when would away on the holiday week-end and between the RNC and DNC conventions that would consume the media, is not only deceptive, but shows how “government” business is done in Arizona. The “private/government” deals. This demands a public outcry!

    “DeConcini Step Down Flash Mob” U. of AZ Board of Regents meeting 12/4/12

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