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Agent accused of smuggling pot jailed until trial


Agent accused of smuggling pot jailed until trial

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, file)

A U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of smuggling marijuana earlier this month while on duty in southwestern Arizona will remain in jail while he awaits trial.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Michelle Burns ruled Thursday that 25-year-old Aaron Anaya was at serious risk to flee from authorities and granted prosecutors’ request to keep him in jail.

Authorities say agents conducting aerial surveillance saw Anaya loading marijuana bundles that had been dropped over the border fence from Mexico into his patrol vehicle on Dec. 2 in between Yuma and Wellton, about 185 miles southwest of Phoenix.

Investigators say agents tracked Anaya for several hours as he appeared to return to normal duties and found nearly 147 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.

Anaya pleaded not guilty to marijuana importation and other charges.

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  1. We need to be vigilante in forcing prosectution to the fullest level; then we need to do the same in especially the county level due to the extreme level of racketeering and an overall criminal conspiracy.
    This last election observed an extreme level of attacks and criminal acts against opponents of the Yuma County Sheriffs Office and several other county offices. Many of the officials that were elected have a substantial history of serious felony acts and despite the undisputable incriminating facts, these individuals have all charges dismissed in a differente jurisdictiion only to continue in the same capacity.
    As such is the history of a very high level of corruption in Yuma County, the reporting structure is highly protective in covering up major crimes by individuals in lawenforcement and local governent; there is “NO” accountability in our system and those who try to dedicate their lives to making change are attacked, staulked and manipulated not to mention having the full cooperation of “once again” the local reporting agencies….

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