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McCain: Immigration reform failure would cost GOP

Republican Sen. John McCain (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Republican Sen. John McCain (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain is warning fellow Republicans that failure to pass comprehensive immigration legislation could mean continued election losses for the GOP, as Republican-friendly states like Arizona fall to the Democrats.

The Arizona Republican, one of eight senators to sign onto a bipartisan immigration reform framework this week, says failure to act means the trend of Hispanic defections from the GOP would continue.

Latino voters supported President Barack Obama in large numbers in November, helping to ensure his victory.

McCain said that the demographics of states like Arizona with growing Hispanic populations “means that we will go from Republican to Democrat over time.”

McCain spoke alongside Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York at a breakfast hosted by Politico on Wednesday.

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  1. Dear Senator McCain,

    It’s about time you begin to do what’s right for country and quit worrying about the fantasy of losing votes you never had nor will ever have. You lied to us during your campaign (build the dang fence). You have flipped flopped to the point of absurdity. You are now considered a liability.

    What happened to jobs, the debt, budgets and the economy? Exactly WHAT benefits do we get from bringing another 20 million people into the fold since every person with half a brain knows the 11 million number is ridiculous.

    We’re supposed to trust this administration to enforce the border and the law after they sued Arizona for that very reason? NO. We will fight your efforts every step of the way.

    Arizona made a monumental mistake by re-electing you.

  2. Dear Ruth –

    It’s about time you started taking the anti-psychotic meds which the doctir prescribed for you. You will be pleased to learn that they, along with psychiatric treatment, will be fully covered under ObamaCare. Tea Baggers and other anti-immigration loons such as yourself helped devastate the Republican Party’s election chances in 2012. You are now considered a liability.

    In the first place, every person with half a brain knows the 11 milion number not only is completely accurate, it is a number that is rapidly dropping, not rising. In response to the slow economy, would-be immigrants are returning to their own countries. In addition, in response to the massive levels of hatreds being unleashed by racist loons in the Tea Potty Party, many immigrants have decided to leave and take their billions of dollars’ worth of purchasing power with them. That is one reason why your ARYAN-Zona economy is slowly but steadily collapsing into the dirt. That is what you deserve.

    Apprehensions of would-be border crossers are at their lowest levels in 40 years. They are not at their lowest levels in 40 years because “people are crossing illegally and getting away with it”. They are at their lowest levels because fewer and fewer people are attempting to cross the border at all. The border does not “need to be secured”. The border is already secure, as secure as it is ever going to get. It will never, ever get “more secure”.

    “Exactly WHAT benefits do we get from bringing another” 11 million people (not 20 million people) “into the fold”… A study from the libertarian CATO Institute concludes that legalizing the more than eight million undocumented workers in the United States would have significant economic benefits for the country, while simply enhancing border enforcement and applying restrictive immigration laws would actually hurt the U.S. economically.

    You can learn about that, here —->

    Nobody cares whether you “trust” the Obama Administration. In case nobody has explained it to you, Obama kicked your Tea Potty butt in the 2012 election, You thought you would “sweep Obama out of office”, instead he was re-elected handily. You thought you would take over the Senate. Instead, you lost Senate seats and the Democrats gained seats. You thought you would further cement control over the House of Representatives. Instead, you lost seats, and many over your favorite Tea Potty lunatics (Allen West, etc.) were thrown out of office.

    It says a great deal about your pro-fascist, pro-communist mentality that Tea Potty loons such as you, who might have supposedly “opposed Communism”, now want to eagerly copy the Communists, approve of the Communists’ “border control policies” and want to install a new Berlin Wall on America’s southern border.

    But hey, keep it up. We will clean your clock in elections. AGAIN.

    How’d it feel, watching the so-called “Communist-Socialist-Marxist-Muslim-Illegal-Immigrant-Kenyan” kick your behind in November 2012? Are you still crying in your beer, just as I predicted you would? Ranting about so-called “millions of illegals voting”? Are you ever going to carry out your promise to flee and leave the United States if Obama got re-elected? Do you need directions to the airport?

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