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Running out of options

Biggs yesterday told our reporter that he would like to see lawmakers explore the possibility of keeping the current AHCCCS enrollment freeze or, at most, simply restore the Prop 204 population to capture the normal federal match of 2-to-1.

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  1. There is alot of talk about gun control to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.I agree, the mentally ill should not have guns but I have a better idea. Why not change the way we handle the mentally ill.I have a step son that is doing time for manslauter in florence. The problem is that he was taken out of the house at 14, kept doped up and had no education and put out on the streets at 18. He was starving and had no shoes or a coat during December. He was in a fight and the man died and now he is in prison. He had no drivers licence, social security card and no home. SHAME ON OUR SYSTEM.

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