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‘O-Brewer-Care:’ Surrendering Arizona to Obama

A $7 million boost in state funding for the Arizona Office of Tourism has prompted a marketing effort to lure people in Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver, as well as areas of China and Brazil, to sites such as the Grand Canyon. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Tara Alatorre)

The Grand Canyon (Cronkite News Service Photo by Tara Alatorre)

The governor who once championed the plight of ranchers on Arizona’s southern border has created a chasm equal to the landmark in the northern part of the state.

Brewer’s ascent into the national limelight, with the passage of SB1070, is forever tainted by her rapid descent due to the surrendering of the state of Arizona to Obamacare. The governor of the state that passed a legislative referral to the ballot to amend the Arizona Constitution to prohibit Obamacare and then turned around and sued the federal government over the implementation of the program is now demanding her own party ignore its core tenets and embrace “O-Brewer-Care.”

The Republican Party disagrees.

The heroine of Arizona has self-inflicted a wound and it is becoming quite a natural wonder. Resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from county chairs were followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from county executive committees, followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from legislative executive committees, followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from legislative districts.

These are her people. These are her elected precinct committeemen. This is the machine and the heart and soul of the Republican Party and it is being ripped out and stamped on. Legislative districts are at war. Resolutions, counter resolutions, and accusations of misrepresentation of intent are bubbling in the pot.

The Democrats cheer.

On the other side of the aisle the Democrats are tepidly cheering the surprising about-face of the reputed solid conservative. 100 percent of the Democratic caucus is voting for O-Brewer-Care. Her traveling power-point presentations given by AHCCCS personnel are attended by Democrats. Progressives and occupy members are well-represented too.

And in the middle a new group emerges – “Brewercrats.” Crossover Republicans supported by and supporting corporate healthcare and in some cases, displaying greater fear of the Democrats than their supporters, a group of five senators and 11 representatives are standing with O-Brewer-Care and the Democrats. In an historic time with a Republican majority, the Brewercrats have chosen to stand against their loyal supporters, watching in LD meetings while the hard-working precinct committeemen vote, often unanimously, for resolutions opposing the governor’s plan.

The sides are formed. Corporate healthcare joins with the governor to lead Democrats and Brewercrats, running a full-fledged campaign with their eyes on the future and the hope to reap, according to some estimates, $2 billion. The other side is the Republican Party, Libertarians, nurses, doctors and small business owners who have passion, a demand to be heard and who view keeping the Republican tenet of limited government the ultimate goal.

The image of a strong, finger-waving-at-the-president leader gives way to a portrait of a puppet politician surrendering her state and turning her back on the wishes of her own people.

 – Christine Bauserman, Tucson



  1. Oh my, the rubes are up in arms…O-Brewer-care?

    hard to argue with such a rapier wit.

    “limited government’..except in medical decisions, bedrooms and when we want government control..

    What a farce.

  2. Christine Bauserman is a known Tea Party extremist who receives and parrots talking points from A.J. LaFaro and his ilk. Her entire piece above is almost entirely devoid of any substance and is long on ad hominem posturing. The only things missing from her diatribe are “birth certificate” and “Judas”.

    What she inadvertently acknowledged is that this sensible expansion of Arizona’s Medicaid / AHCCCS program is supported by a bipartisan group of state senators and representatives from across the state. The only legislators who are opposed are extreme-right Tea Party loyalists who are still nostalgic for the days of Russell Pearce.

    I am glad that the Capitol Times ran this piece. If this is the best argument opponents can come up with, then their case really is revealed to be without merit.

  3. Scottsdale Bubbe

    Ms. Bauserman – You and your opinions are not necessarily the same as those of Gov. Brewer’s “own people”. ALL of the citizens of Arizona should be thought of as the Governor’s people and she should be commended in acting responsibly in their behalf, not villified because she is, in your opinion, pollitically incorrect.

    You must live in a very rarified atmosphere not to know people who, through no fault of their own, have worked all their lives, but cannot afford health insurance. There is a huge gap between the time when, because of health reasons, people have to retire and the time they become eligible for Social Security and Medicare. Others lose their health insurance (premiums being inflated and/or no longer subsidized by the employer under COBRA) because, as older workers, they are often the first to be laid off and the last to be considered for hiring.

    I honestly hope neither you nor your loved ones ever have to experience that situation and at the same time, I hope you have a conscience transplant that injects you with a gene that gives you a sense of social responsibility and the wisdom to understand that, as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation states, “ALL people deserve to live healthy and productive lives” and that the lives of all of us are bettered the more the lives of our fellow citizens are healthy and stable.

  4. The proposed expansion is about transfusing $2 billion into the pockets of multi-billion-dollar corporations that are program contractors for AHCCCS. Some 25% may trickle down to hospitals–but at the cost of a new tax plus the loss of more of their DSH payments. Medicaid is welfare, not insurance. Nearly half the Arizonans who are eligible for it now don’t bother to sign up. Once another 300,000 or so are added the the rolls, they will all have an even harder time finding a doctor who will accept them. The one clear beneficiary is AHCCCS contractors, who will get a monthly capitation fee, extracted from taxpayers, even when NO service is provided. And if the enrolled person is 55 or older, the state could take his house and car and bank account after he dies to recoup those payments, even if NO service was EVER received.

    While Medicaid is bankrupting federal and state governments, the people it is supposed to help might get better care if they were uninsured.

  5. Christine Bauserman

    Oh dear the vitrol – where oh where is the Institute for Civil Discourse to protect a Republican like me? I meet AJ for the first time at Wednesdays hearing and heard his name the first time when he ran for Maricopa GOP chair. And hey “bubbe” – I would be very careful where you tread when you are ignorant of my families personal medical history. My personal journey through various medical difficulties and my experiences with having to work with corporate insurance, instead of my doctors and surgeons, is exactly why I feel so passionately about Obrewercare. And for the record except for 4 years when I worked at UPS I have had to buy my own health insurance.
    And Steve, I do not want a politician or bureaucrat involved in my medical decisions especially those in my bedroom.
    I am a first time elected precinct committeeman in the Republican party and it is the party of Governor Brewer. We are the working class: low, middle, and high. We are plumbers, homemakers, programmers, engineers, landscapers, nurses, waiters, and small business owners.
    We are elected by our communities, we are the Republican party, and to date Legislative Districts
    1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, and 27 have passed resolutions opposing Obrewercare, most unanimously some with a few disenting votes. The original resolution was written by a small business owner and I know this because it was in my very own LD10. We are not uncaring or unkind but we are desperately holding onto the ideas of the Republican party we hold so dear. We are the majority of the Republican party and the majority of our elected Legislators agree with us.
    Do you people realize you are on the side of corporate healthcare that will make billions of dollars from this expansion? You are literally selling the poor to billionaires and the top executives who have salaries of half-a-million dollars. You are following the talking points of a highly-paid-political-consultant who is not above writing counter responses belittling working class people.
    So get beyond your personal attacks and stick some facts in your pipes while you smoke em. Medicaid does not deliver high quality medical care and is in fact inferior medical care and you want to force this on the working poor. You are so entrenched in your ideology that you fail to see the reality that corporations will kick many minimum wage employees off their corporate insurance plans. I dare you to ask the highly-paid-political-consultant, who provides your talking points, for the polling data that shows the percent of folks who prefer Medicaid over their current health insurance policy.

  6. Scottsdale Bubbe

    Ms. Bauserman — So, suddenly, you are against corporate welfare? Is that why the Tea Partiers vote with the Koch Brothers’ desires so consistently?

    If insurance companies are taken out as intermediaries of health care between citizens and their doctors, then perhaps the solution for those who cannot afford to pay privately becomes a single payer system? If not that, then what?

    One way or another, people must have access to health care regardless of their income and health care providers must be paid. I agree — it is a good idea to de-tox corporations (insurance companies) from the corporate welfare state. What is your alternate solution? So far, you have railed against governmental solutions and corporate-driven solutions. Voluntary, non-profit organizations? How has that “million points of light” worked out so far?

  7. Christine Bauserman

    Bubbe: Wish the Koch brothers would cough up some money, run some ads and place robocalls into Heather Carter’s, Worsley’s, and Doug Coleman’s LD’s, just like the highly-paid-consultant and corporate healthcare running a full-fledge campaign that is FOR Obrewercare has in the last few weeks.

    Solution: Kavanagh has articulated a plan many, many times – google it.
    Let the insurance companies sell inter-state. Stop it Bubbe.

    People do have access to health care right now. Doctors should be able to bargain with their own patients.
    I talk to my doctor about her services. I do not want a bureacrat involved in my relationship with my doctor.

    LD’s that have issued resolutions opposing OBrewerCare:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27

    Legislative Districts are the working class people who live in Arizona.
    I am a precinctcommitteman in Pima County, home of the first resolution.

    Have you read it Bubbe? Here is a line
    “Governor Brewer touts AHCCCS as the conservative model for Medicaid and encourages us to expand the program to show the other states how to do it right. We believe There is no such thing as a conservative model for expanding Socialism. Supporting the big government takeover of our health care system, even for a short term gift of federal funds, does NOT reflect the values of the Republican Party or the interests of the taxpayers of Arizona.”

  8. Scottsdale Bubbe

    I love how you take one personal example of successful doctor-patient negotiations and extrapolate it for the entire population of the state and the U.S.

    If doctors don’t like what they have to do now to interact with multiple government agencies and multiple insurance companies in order to get paid, they will absolutely HATE negotiating with the entire population of patients that arrive in their offices on a onesie basis.

    You and your “ordinary working people” who have some security in this world and are politically active do tend to think that whatever works for you should work for everyone. Pretty narcissistic, I’d say.

  9. Jane Horton-Leasman

    So, you would rather the State taxpayers bear the full burden of Medicaid??? Obama created “it”, so let the feds chip in for the three years we can…and not bankrupt the State.

  10. Scottsdale Bubbe

    Jane Horton-Leasman — FACT: The State taxpayers will ALREADY be bearing the full burden of Medicaid — through our Federal taxes which the Governor has no control over. Best those hundreds of millions of dollars come back to the Arizona economy and best your and my fellow Arizona citizens ALL have financial access to health care.

    Or would you rather that those hundreds of millions of dollars go to other states that are enlightened enough to think big picture? Blue states and red states where they have the sense not to get the vapors over getting millions of $$ back into their economy. Or would you prefer those Federal tax dollars to stay with the federal government to support other health care initiatives from which we will not benefit?

    If the expansion of Medicaid is refused in Arizona, those are the only two alternatives. We have been made an offer we cannot afford to refuse.

    Neither you nor I have an operational chrystal ball to know what is going to happen with the federal support in 3 years and anything that sounds like a prediction is really, in fact, just disaster fantasizing and is probably borne out of a blind reluctance to admit that anything good can come from anything President Obama has proposed.

  11. Concerned Citizen

    Jane and Scottsdale Bubbe, Your well informed comments are appreciated.

  12. “surrender”… drama queens do not help the issue.

  13. Quantum Theorist

    I find it ridiculously hilarious with the Republican party at arms against this to the point that Jan Brewer and her office have been receiving death threats by phone and mail. I know several people who can’t get work and can’t afford insurance and definitely can’t support one in particular I have living with me with severe diabetes that can’t even get insulin because of the lack of insurance to aid in paying for it. This guy I’m referring to lives with me, a friend of mine that went into a diabetic coma at work and can no longer work thereafter.

    Ever Republican that says they’re against him being able to get on medicaid here in Arizona is the same as telling me that they think he should just hurry up and die from diabetes.

    Dear Republicans. I wanted you to know how much of a jerk you guys sound to me. Every time you go against this health care reform is the exact same as telling me and him that you wish he’d just hurry up and die already.

    This is why this Republican is switching to being a democrat. And yes, I even voted for Obama. The Republican party is too far gone to have any resemblance of it’s original self. One Republican converted to Independent all because there’s far too many telling me that they wish my friend would just hurry up and die from his diabetes that he still can’t get treated at this time. The Republicans of today make me sick.

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