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Lawmakers send bill lifting militia age limit to Brewer


A bill allowing people above the age of 45 to volunteer for the state militia is heading to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk.

The Arizona House gave final approval to Republican Rep. Carl Seel’s bill Thursday on a 34-24 party-line vote.

The bill is likely to have little effect if it is signed, since the militia has never been activated in the 101 years since Arizona became a state.

The militia provision is included in the state Constitution adopted in 1910 and ratified by the state’s voters the following year. The measure names all able-bodied citizens ages 18 to 45 as members, with a few exemptions.

The House had previously passed HB2433 but it was amended in the Senate and sent back for final approval.

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  1. THe whole thing is disturbing in a well known and established, bigoted and racist state. Spewing hatred daily.

  2. Progressives like ProAct are useful idiots and racist. They want to use smoke and mirrors to dissuade people from the truth; they are the KKK, the ones who kill babies to wipe out as many minorities as possible and hate freedom. If they want to see true oppression they should move to the countries that really do oppress immigrants like Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Conservatives are the Martin Luther King Jr’s, underground- railroad runners and the ones whom died along the side of Black Americans in their fight for freedom. Crawl back into your progressive hole of hatred. Lord knows the progressive weather underground is alive and well and we may need to defend ourselves from the ilks of the true evil, you people…

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