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Sen. McCain exhorts Obama to address controversies

Sen. John McCain (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obama is “mired” in a series of scandals and must find a way to surmount them.

McCain tells CBS’s “This Morning” he believes “the president’s credibility obviously is at stake here.”

The Arizona Republican, who lost the presidency to Obama in the 2008 election, says Obama should be thinking about “how to get these issues behind him.” McCain was referring to controversies involving the IRS, diplomatic security at Benghazi, Libya, and the seizure of journalists’ phone records.

McCain said President Ronald Reagan went on television and took responsibility for the Iran-Contra affair, suggesting Obama do likewise.

McCain says administration officials are “not covering themselves with distinction here” and says a series of committee investigations undertaken by Congress should be allowed to run their course.

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  1. Senator McCain, Guess the President is responding to you, like you response to us. We’ve been writing to you for years on serious concerns and we’ve been lied to at the Town Halls and never heard back again. Guess you politicians all know how to play the game at taxpayers’ expense.

  2. Senator McCain thinks it’s President Obama’s credibility that is at stake here? Nobody cares what John McCain thinks about anybody else’s credibility or integrity any more. His own credibility was in the toilet even before he began his Benghazi campaign, and he hasn’t done anything since then to restore it. The difference between Iran-Contra and these other “scandals” listed by McCain is that Iran-Contra was an actual scandal with serious crimes, and it was conceived and executed by people in the White House.

  3. Scot, Your informed comment is spot-on!

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