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Arizona voter registration numbers up by 2,300

Arizona voter registration numbers up by 2,300 Arizona’s voter registration numbers have risen by about 2,300 since the last report in April.

The Secretary of State’s Office announced Tuesday that Arizona now has more than 3.2 million registered voters.

While the state’s major political parties experienced a decrease, the number of voters not affiliated with any party increased slightly.

Nearly all of the electorate is divided roughly into thirds, with 1.1 million Republicans, about 973,000 Democrats and more than 1 million independents.

Members of the Libertarian, Green and Americans Elect parties account for about 1 percent of the electorate.

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  1. Best bet is to stick with an Independent who has ballot access as needed so we can fix our Great State. Want jobs? Careers? Industry? Think about how much the R’s and D’s have taken special interest funds from global industries (Walmart, GM, etc) to keep small business out of the conglomerate businesses game.

    JL Mealer


    Read what Arizona needs in 2014

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