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Power Struggle (access required)


Showdown looms over electrical deregulation
For a century, public utilities have produced and delivered electricity to homes and industries in a system that guarantees their profit and ensures steady service to residents.

Now, the Arizona Corporation Commission is considering whether to shake up the monopolies and bring competition to the state.

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Stand your ground impacts


Since the 1960s, Arizona’s violent crime rate has usually been just above the national average, and has dipped and spiked along with national trends, normally hovering around 5-10 percent above the U.S. average.

Practically every state’s violent crime rate has risen and fallen over the past 50 years along with the U.S. average.

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Thinking of you, xoxoxo

On Tuesday, Restoring Arizona attorney Kory Langhofer sent a letter to Bennett outlining a variety of reasons why he believes the URAPC Medicaid expansion referendum fails to follow the law, and thus will be barred from the 2014 ballot by the courts if its proponents gather the needed signatures.

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