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Source: Tobin may jump into CD1 race this month

A source close to Tobin told our reporter this afternoon that the speaker is seriously looking into jumping into the CD1 race and is currently fielding calls in his district to assess whether he should run for Congress.

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  1. Carnivorous Buttock Fly

    Please do not enter the CD1 race. You have not been a very good State Rep in LD1 nor Speaker of the House and we certainly do not need you ******** things up on a larger scale. You have always served yourself and your corporate and lobbyist masters but never the constituency that goes to the ballot box. The same will hold true if you enter the CD1 race and somehow are elected to the U.S. House of Reps. Sadly, there has never been a competent challenger in any of your past election races (So it goes with Yavapai County party politics.). Many constituents are also tired of your whining and complaining, obstructionist tactics and attitude, and in general, acting like a big baby when you don’t get your way (and sometimes even when you do get your way!). Now would be a great time for you to retire from politics and stick to selling insurance, and spend some more time enjoying your wife and family.

    Yours truly,

    Carnivorous Buttock Fly

  2. Carnivorous Buttock Fly

    AZ Cap Times really blocks the word s_c_r_e_w-i_n_g from being published in the comments? Folks are going to think that I used an obscenity in my comment, which I would certainly not do.

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