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McCain considering running again for Senate

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Sen. John McCain says he’s considering running for a sixth term in 2016, the year he turns 80.

In an interview Tuesday with radio station KFYI-AM in Phoenix, the Arizona Republican said that he’s seriously giving a lot of thought to another bid for re-election.

McCain says he’s getting encouragement from businesses that are upset with the recent partial government shutdown. He had opposed the tea party tactic of linking gutting the health care law to keeping the government operating.

McCain unsuccessfully sought the presidency in 2008, then easily won another Senate term in 2010. He has challenged President Barack Obama on foreign policy but has worked with Democrats on immigration legislation.

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  1. It’s time for the next generation to move Arizona forward into the 21st century. When businesses like the private prison corporations and the mass incarceration of Arizona’s people are favored over education, job training, and building stronger communities, then it’s time for a change.

  2. Our Founders never intended service in the Congress to be a career. I think we need term limits.

  3. McCain has not opposed Obama on anything. He says something negative about Obama’s foreign policy and then advocates the unconstitutional deployment of our troops to implement those very same policies. Don’t listen to what he says but rather follow his actions and watch who he votes with.

  4. Let’s hope AZ rejects Sen. McCain.. he has served his country long enough. We, need a TRUE republican to represent AZ not one that doesn’t support or mentor the YOUNGER Senators in office.. They have the NEW ideas. STAMD ON PRICIPLES TO FIGHT for the PEOPLE not for their personal GAIN OR CARREER.
    Let’s think “foreword” Move “forward. Thank you Sen. McCain, but stay home and enjoy “LIFE” for a “CHANGE.
    Concerned Voter.

  5. McCain is a progressive and there is no difference between him and Obama or Hillary. He does not support the Repub party platform and the Repubs should throw him out of the party voting against them ….but there is NO consequences for being unethical or unscrupulous. Repubs think that the seniority he carries is worth “something” but he votes and speaks against the party ideals and spouts the progressive mantra.

    AZ deserves better but there are too many who think his time in the Hanoi Hilton should count for something today and have NO CONCEPT of how destructive his votes have been to AZ, freedom and the Constitution. Good luck getting him out of office!!

    The shutdown/slowdown was anything but detrimental to the gov’t and did prove the depths they all will sink to to make a “point”. McCain included—did anyone hear McCain went to the WWII memorials to make sure the Honor Flights Vets could get in to THEIR memorial??including the AZ Honor flight???? Where was McCain then????

  6. As an Arizonian, I do not support this man running again. He is a disgrace as a representative as far as I am concerned.

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